A global program to equip students with the skills needed to become the Digital Workforce architects and engineers of tomorrow.

Through this program, Blue Prism makes its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and comprehensive training and educational materials available to qualified higher education institutions at no cost.

About the program

All Institutions accepted into the program will receive access to Blue Prism releases, an annual educational software license, and a Blue Prism Autonomous Training Kit (ATK), which contains the Developer Foundation Training used by the company’s customers and partners.

Educational Institutions can opt to deliver the self-guided Foundation Training course – which takes 20-30 hours to complete – as a self-learning opportunity, or craft it into an instructor-led classroom program. A single point of contact for the Institution will be given advanced access to support resources. Other staff members and students can register on Blue Prism’s user portal to gain access to additional resources including: templates, advanced accreditation options, and a development guide library.

Self-Learning Course

Classroom Program

Single Point of Contact

Full Access to Resources

Enrollment Process

To apply, please send an enquiry email to: training@blueprism.com.

Once approved you will receive access to a Blue Prism release, the Blue Prism ATK, an evaluation license valid for 60 days and a guide outlining the course deployment options and how to embed our developer training into your curriculum.

During this period, you can evaluate the software, decide how to structure and deliver the course, and consider the distribution and support options. If you then wish to proceed you will receive an annual Education license for your institution.