AIM Rule 26

This page includes the information required by AIM Rule 26 or links to other pages where it appears.

Company information

Description of the business
Company information

Directors and biographical details
Board of directors and senior management

The Board and Board Committees
Board of directors and senior management
Board committees and corporate governance

Country of Incorporation and main country of operation
Company incorporation details

Number of AIM securities in issue
Major Shareholders

Number of AIM securities in issue held as treasury shares
Major Shareholders

Percentage of AIM securities not in public hands
Major Shareholders

Names and percentage holdings of significant shareholders
Major shareholders

Key advisors


Admission document
Download (pdf, 1Mb)

Certificate of incorporation
Download (pdf, 98K)

Change of name certificate
Download (pdf, 98K)

Incorporation certificate (PLC) (certified)
Download (pdf, 102K)

Articles of association
Download (pdf, 355K)

Securities information

Blue Prism plc has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

The number of AIM securities in issue and the percentage of AIM securities not in public hands, together with the identity and percentage holdings of its significant shareholders.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of Blue Prism’s AIM securities.

City code

Blue Prism plc is a public company incorporated in the UK and has its place of central management and control in the UK. Accordingly, the Takeover Code applies to the Company and, as a result, Shareholders are entitled to the benefit of the takeover offer protections provided under the Takeover Code.

This information is being disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26.

Last updated: Aug 1, 2018 @ 11:45 am

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