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Increasing Your Agency’s Human Workforce with the Most Successful Digital Workforce

Blue Prism Ensures the Delivery of Your Agency’s Mission

Tighter budgets, expanding workloads, declining workforces, increasing regulatory requirements, rising data security concerns, and growing citizen expectations…as a public sector executive, these are pressures you live and breathe every day.

Dealing with such challenges requires a digital strategy:

Ensuring compliance, cyber security and dataflow across all agencies

Maximizing current and future workforce

Embracing industry leading technology and innovation to drive the digital agenda

Blue Prism invented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide an alternative sourcing option to human labor and outsourcing. As the leading RPA software provider, Blue Prism makes government agencies’ business operations more agile and cost-effective by augmenting their human workforce with a “digital workforce” of software robots.

Accredited Blue Prism partners or the agencies’ operational teams implement the digital workforce. The robots are managed by the agencies’ business teams and governed by IT, enabling employees to focus on higher-value work, while autonomous multi-skilled software robots tirelessly perform error-free rules based administrative transactions.

How Agencies Benefit from RPA

Leave Repetition to the Robots

Blue Prism’s Digital Workers can do repetitive tasks far more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly than humans. By using RPA for more repetitive, mundane and error-prone tasks, human staff can focus on other tasks requiring human strengths such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer.

Absolute Policy Compliance

Unlike desktop automation, which uses short “record and replay” commands for automating tasks, Blue Prism offers Centralized Management to ensure absolute policy compliance, scalability and IT approval.

Highly Scalable and Easy to Use

Blue Prism is not cumbersome like IT built automation, it is flexible and easy to use. Through our use of distributed Software Robots, Blue Prism is highly scalable and can be provisioned in the cloud or as an on-premise enterprise deployment. And the grid based architecture enables high availability, high performance, failover and disaster recovery scenarios to be provided as well as addressing potentially significant seasonal variations in operational demand.

Most Productive Robots

Blue Prism offers Centralized Management to ensure absolute policy compliance, scalability and IT approval. Blue Prism is not cumbersome like IT built automation, it is flexible and easy to use. Our tenets are:


You can instantly deploy one, several or all resilient robots to scale on-demand.


Create an inventory of re-useable robotic objects and processes to deploy as needed.


Ensure absolute policy compliance with proven security, scalability & IT approval.


Avoid fraud with the robust RPA solution used by the world’s most secure financial institutions.

Only Blue Prism offers a flexible, proven Government RPA solution that is easy to use, works with virtually any application across heterogeneous environments and meets the strict compliance guidelines of IT governance.

Security and Compliance

Government agencies should expect their RPA providers to meet cybersecurity and information control standards and policies. Automation must provide optimum controls for 100% policy-compliance through impenetrable data and access security. Blue Prism leverages our 16 years of working with the most secure commercial organizations in the world for absolute bullet-proof security.

Today Blue Prism automation software is compliant with the following standards, making it the most secure and scalable RPA solution for government agencies:


SANS Top 25

CERT Secure Coding

Veracode Score: 100/100

PCI 3.2 application compliance


PCI 3.2


FISMA (in progress)

TAA Compliant


Public Sector Use Cases

Blue Prism in the NHS – A Customer and Partner Perspective

Steve Chilton, IS Director of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, explains how Blue Prism’s robotic automation technology has enabled the Trust to develop new applications and process automations without worrying about connectivity to the underlying Patient Administration System.

Blue Prism and ENGIE

ENGIE is at the forefront of robotic process automation (RPA) having successfully implemented this innovative software from Blue Prism in its first local authority context at North Tyneside Council.

Why partner with Blue Prism

By partnering with Blue Prism you are joining forces with a company that shares your vision of easily and cost-effectively enabling digital transformation for government agencies allowing agencies to deliver their mission quicker, more accurately and more securely than ever before.
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