Blue Prism’s Vision for Intelligent Automation

Building Smarter Robots – an Intelligent, Connected and Easy to Control Digital Workforce

Digital technologies have disrupted the way organizations execute service delivery strategies and craft their customer experience.

The possibility of providing myriad channels, offering unprecedented levels of service and customization and accelerating business outcomes through technology have sparked the imagination of global businesses. Implementing a Digital Strategy can be fraught with complexity. Behind the curtain of digitisation lies a jumble of disparate applications and legacy systems that have evolved over time.

A company’s tribal knowledge is also inaccessible and fragmented. While processes lie scattered across on and off-shore call and service-centres, the knowledge and procedures required to form the backbone of digital strategy are undocumented and often manually executed.

The challenge this presents is one of transformation – how does an enterprise organization pivot from a workforce centric approach based on worker knowledge to a customer-centric digital strategy?

Introducing the
Digital Workforce of the Future

Blue Prism’s vision is to create a productive, adaptable, scalable and secure Digital Workforce that collaborates in real time with human colleagues to efficiently and cost-effectively execute mission-critical business applications and identify opportunities for cost-savings and financial gains – all while ushering in a digital transformation across the enterprise in the form of intelligent automation.

We aim to complement the knowledge workers of any business with an elastic, multi-faceted and multi-talented Digital Workforce, where operational leaders can train digital workers in the business contexts, challenges and insights required to do business.

By giving operational teams a technology canvas, knowledge can be surfaced digitally, productivity increases and a business-led framework for digital automation emerges. It is this framework that provides organizations with Operational Agility and delivers new levels of accuracy, speed and compliance alongside traditional technology programs.





Six Intelligent Automation
Skills for Smarter Robots

That is why we are endowing our software robots with Intelligent Automation Skills – Digital, Cognitive Skills that transform the ways organisations can leverage technology to deliver true Operational Agility. Blue Prism is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence by combining out market leading RPA platform and our Technology Alliance Program (TAP) so we can deliver a paradigm shift in the potential of the Digital Workforce – and usher in a new dawn of the connected digital enterprise.

These Six Intelligent Automation Skills will transform the way organizations leverage technology to deliver true Operational Agility. Click on each tile to learn more.

& Insight

The ability to harvest information from different data sources, understand it and deliver helpful insights.

& Sequencing

The ability to optimize workloads and discover opportunities that yield better business outcomes.


The ability to read, understand and contextualise visual information digitally.


The ability to solve logic, business, and system problems without human intervention.


The ability to work along side people, within the same systems, to seamlessly execute business processes.


The ability to adapt to evolving process patterns and derive contextual meaning from datasets.

Blue Prism’s Vision for Intelligent Automation

Six Intelligent Automation Skills

The speed at which digitization and automation are occurring across every industry has truly disrupted conventional competitive go to market strategies – meaning businesses, like yours, must now operate even smarter, and even faster just to keep up with the competition.

Automation alone is not enough. It takes a foundation of Intelligent Automation upon which cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Sentiment Analysis can be built.

And it takes an intelligent, connected and easy to control Digital Workforce, endowed with cognitive Intelligent Automation Skills to drive real growth in today’s automated marketplace.

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Blue Prism Unlocks
Digital Transformation

Blue Prism unlocks digital transformation by putting in place an operationally-led technology framework that allows the business to describe how they do work and to execute the processes that are currently locked into their call centres and back offices.

In order to collaborate effectively with their human counterparts, Digital Workers need innate intelligence, to demonstrate the skills and abilities that are expected by their co-workers. They need to understand the customer, be able to deliver insight into trends and patterns, to learn and evolve as processes and customers change, and to mature and collaborate with others in the business.