Blue Prism Professional and Customer Support Services.

Providing operational, technical and industry experts.

Blue Prism Professional Support Services

Robotic Process Automation and Blue Prism® product experts who help you drive the creation of your Digital Workforce, the Blue Prism Professional Services team comprises operational, technical and industry experts with all the knowledge and experience you need to support you and your organization.

Create your own Digital Workforce

The Blue Prism Professional Services team, along with our accredited partner network, adhere to a comprehensive implementation methodology that has been specially designed to integrate seamlessly with your incumbent change management methodologies, significantly reducing the time and effort required to establish the Robotic Operating Model. Our comprehensive mentoring and accreditation program is designed to educate our clients’ resources on how to develop and deliver low maintenance automations to be processed by the Digital Workforce.

Integrates seamlessly with your incumbent change management methodologies

Blue Prism Learning

Guided and supported by Blue Prism, trainees are escorted through an ongoing methodical and controlled accreditation programme at the pace and path uniquely suited to their individual requirements. Following accreditation, further ongoing education is provided online via the Blue Prism Portal. Here Blue Prism users will benefit from high quality eLearning courses to refresh their skills, learn about more advanced or complex subjects and get up to speed with all the functionality in the latest release.
Mentoring by experienced consultants

Blue Prism Accreditation

Resources that have been accredited by Blue Prism have at least 3 months’ experience of delivering Blue Prism processes and should be capable of delivering high quality processes without supervision.

Resources only become certified once they have completed the 1 hour online Accreditation Exam – this can only be taken after all the mandatory training modules have been completed and the individual has then had a minimum of approximately 3 months’ experience of configuring processes in a client or partner environment. Resources that have taken the training but not the exam should be capable of delivering high quality processes under supervision of Accredited resources.

Developer Accreditation Path

Basic awareness


Foundation course


Mandatory guides


Mandatory tutorials




Accreditation exam

Blue Prism Customer Support Services

Ensuring the continued successful use of our products with all the support you need. Blue Prism provides you with a comprehensive support programme including a feature-rich Customer Portal, Service and Infrastructure Reviews, User Group and online Help Desk.

The Blue Prism Customer Portal

The Blue Prism Customer Portal is an online resource that provides users with a wide range of materials and resources including:

  • Product documentation and guides
  • Data sheets
  • Roadmap information
  • Release notes
  • Software downloads
  • Training, tutorials and templates
  • Discussion forums
  • Help Desk
Provides users with a wide range of materials and resources
Service Reviews

These reviews give you an opportunity to look at support performance and process. They also mean you can discuss any outstanding issues. Moreover, you’ll be updated on release information, along with any upcoming projects or important dates.

Infrastructure Reviews

Think of this as your “health check” designed to take a look at the hardware and associated software platforms. It covers best practice recommendations, features that could be considered to aid performance, reviewing growth ambitions and recommendations to keep everything running smoothly.

User Group

Held regularly the group is an interactive, collaborative environment where users can network with each other to share ideas, discuss problems, share solutions and offer suggestions for future product functionality.

Help Desk

Once registered, this online service gives portal users access to both previous and current tickets via the online Help Desk. There’s also a “Self Service” option for raising new requests.

Supporting you all the way

Whichever delivery approach you choose, Blue Prism Professional Services will support and mentor your team to successfully establish and operate your Digital Workforce