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Limitless possibilities for intelligent automation with access to the right data.

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Giving you the power

Improve productivity and return hours to the business with our AI driven, intelligent document processing integrated at no extra cost for customers with production and/or business critical support. Decipher IDP puts the power of optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in your hands to enable greater operational agility.

Data work has never been easier

Validate and extract data from structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents - such as invoices, purchase orders, and other documentation, with optional NLP plug in. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Decipher IDP enables you to extract text and text layout information from images, too!

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What Decipher IDP can do for you

Access data and accelerate automations

Extract and organize both structured and semi-structured data. Work with clearly labelled and consistent data, including passports, driving licenses, death certificates (without handwriting), and other forms of I.D.

Increase automation adoption

Extend automation to business processes, including forms and paper-based processes to reduce overheads, costs, or inefficiencies that come with manual data entry.


Easily define your own form templates and apply validation rules that align with your business requirements.


Easily enable business users to review, validate and amend content to ensure high levels of compliance and data quality.

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DX Before You DIY

Building successful intelligent automations takes time. Save yourself a step or two by visiting the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). There, you’ll find the leading AI and cognitive skills, extending what you can do with Decipher IDP. Look for the DIY Hours logo to estimate how much time you can save.

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What's Next?

Decipher IDP helps you uncover new automation possibilities. With the easy processing of invoices, or purchase orders, how about automating your ERP processes with Blue Prism® accelerators for use with SAP® ERP?

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Decipher Community

The Decipher Community is a platform where you can engage with and learn from peers who share a common interests, goals and objectives. This Global Community has been set up so to discuss ideas and issues around Decipher.

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