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Automating the back office - a smart guide for insurance companies

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For insurance companies, the role of headline-grabbing intelligent automation usually sits with front-end functions such as claims, underwriting and customer service. However, your back office is a valuable space for automation and can really boost ROI in your automation platform investment.

Functions such as finance, HR, IT, compliance and actuarial are well suited to automation because they rely largely on repetitive, highly structured processes. As a result they're much quicker to get up and running with automation and can add instant value. 

When putting together a strategy for digital and business transformation, taking a whole-organization view is important. The working structure of an insurance firm is a complex eco-system of people, technology and processes, so implementing automation in every function is a great start.

This guide will cover what makes a great process candidate for intelligent automation, where to start and offers a few use cases to think about that provides a starting point to build your business case.

In our insurance back office guide:

  • Why is the back office a good place to kick-start your automation program?
  • What are the five characteristics of good back office automation candidates?
  • Functions and use cases highlighted
  • What are the benefits of including the back office in your automation program?

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