We are Blue Prism.

As pioneers of Robotic Process Automation software our Digital Workforce of Software Robots, run by the business but built with IT governance and security, enables employees to focus on higher-value work while autonomous multi-skilled software robots tirelessly perform error-free rules based admin transactions.

Easy to Configure. Non Invasive. Enterprise Secure

Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation software delivers the world's most successful digital workforce.

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What is Blue Prism?
What is RPA?
Blue Prism and your business
The technology behind RPA

At Blue Prism® we developed Robotic Process Automation software to provide businesses and organizations like yours with a more agile digital workforce.

A digital workforce that could be more cost effective, that could follow rules-based business processes and interact with systems in the same way that everyday users do. We help you to create a Digital Workforce that is secure, consistent, reliable and scalable. And one that frees up your very best people to focus on the tasks at which they excel. How do we do all of this? We have created Software Robots, what we like to call the Digital Workforce.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation provides organizations like yours with an agile digital workforce that follows rule-based business processes and interacts with the systems in the same way that existing users currently do. Blue Prism enables this, but in a way that is far more efficient. It’s also secure, consistent, reliable and scalable. Importantly Blue Prism complements traditional IT solutions such as BPM and front office productivity tools. It provides a universal and consistent back office automation platform with embedded controls and governance that is code-free and managed by the organization itself.

Enterprise Technology:
the vision & the reality

In a perfect world your people interact with customers, have ideas and make improvements, while IT implements business rules and logic, bulk processing and consistent decisions. In the real world, IT has not traditionally been capable of adapting or developing at the speed business needs. So your people end up filling the gaps between systems and processes – taking them away from the really valuable work.

Enterprise Technology:
the Digital Workforce

With Blue Prism your people really do get on with interacting with customers, making judgements and improving the business. And your Robotic Process Automation technology actually does implement business rules and logic, bulk processing and consistent decisions. How? The Blue Prism Digital Workforce provides you with an enterprise-strength technology solution that supports the pace of business change.

Why use Software Automation?

While individual organizational demands often dictate the need for customisation of strategic IT platforms, Software Robots provide you with an alternative to software-specific customization. This gives you three distinct advantages:

Development is not constrained by the boundaries of existing enterprise software, so solutions can be implemented with greater flexibility, greater speed and at a lower cost.

There is an inherent layer of structure, governance and auditability that allows organizations to build a centralized capability for managing and implementing process automation across multiple platforms and technologies.

 The automation library provides the ability to identify and update individual system touch points, enabling organizations to respond to system changes, more swiftly, without any coding and without the need to initiate a formal software project.

The methodology promotes a robust framework for introducing, managing and controlling the Digital Workforce. The platform is being actively used to achieve operational agility in some of the most demanding environments including: Banking, Utilities, Telco, Healthcare and the BPO industry. The strict standards that our customers insist upon for security, data integrity and operational resilience are at the heart of the Blue Prism platform and combine to provide a solution for use in highly regulated markets.

Meet the Digital Workforce

Think of Blue Prism’s Software Robots as the Digital Workforce. It is a workforce which enables organizations like yours to automate existing user actions, just as if the user were moving through and across their current raft of applications. Our Enterprise platform provides a capability for automating processes that would otherwise be executed manually by humans, or by customizing existing IT systems. When adopted alongside traditional IT development, Blue Prism extends the reach of technology with a higher level of automation, a significantly lower level of investment and greater speed to deployment.

Automate existing user actions

Software Robots

Software Robots are highly versatile, they’re flexible, and they are also architected to enhance IT security. A Robotic Process Automation platform is designed to interact with the user interface of existing applications. This means a Software Robot securely logs into an application and manipulates the presentation layer in the same way that an everyday user would, but in a controlled environment. This has two clear advantages:

  • It operates within the same boundaries as a normal user (e.g. security controls and access rights) and is non-invasive which means it will never compromise the integrity of the application.
  • It is entirely technology agnostic and can be used with any application, including thin client (e.g. Citrix).

These advantages mean that Robotic Process Automation is a capability that can be leveraged across any industry and applied in almost any functional capacity where there is data driven, rule-based processing activity.

The end-to-end delivery lifecycle for automating processes using Robotic Process Automation is very short. In fact, a process is configured to be production strength, tested, deployed and operational within just one to two months. In contrast to traditional IT projects, benefits are realized incrementally as each process is deployed into the live environment. Robotic Process Automation initiatives often achieve an in-year payback, and the cost of establishing a Centre of Excellence (CoE) capability is easily justified by the benefits returned to the organization.

Blue Prism provides operational flexibility using this distributed, interconnected Digital Workforce. Whilst training a Software Robot may take a little longer than training a single human, once the process knowledge is available to one, it is available to all. The result is complete and unconstrained scalability. This benefit is compounded when considering other characteristics of an Enterprise Robotic Process Automation capability:

A library of automations is built up to form a central repository of shared and re-usable components that form an extensible and maintainable foundation of Robotic Automation Processes.

An effective platform for Robotic Process Automation allows for the reuse of system interaction points or objects, enabling new processes to be assembled very quickly.

Automations are scheduled and managed centrally to allow the overall operational workload to be balanced across all available robot runtime resources.
The activities and decisions of the joined up workforce are in one central knowledge base providing management with instant insight into how the organization is performing, where improvements might lie and potential opportunities for new revenue and customer satisfaction.

With Robotic Process Automation, operational demand is managed extremely effectively as the Digital Workforce is redirected to address real time peaks and troughs in demand. Requiring neither training or recruitment overhead.

Back office tasks

The Digital Workforce also operates differently to human counterparts. Software Robots do not get tired or bored so in terms of pure transactional processing, they achieve far more efficiency during routine, repetitive, rule-based work. Importantly this allows humans to focus on higher value activities which require communication, empathy, judgement-based problem solving and so on.

A Software Robot can run 24 hours, seven days a week. And it will execute the most tedious and repetitive activities with precision and without interruption. Activities such as data validation, reconciliation or retrieval of specific information from a large data sample will typically be executed with far greater speed and granularity than a human could possibly achieve. The result is a rate of productivity that is a minimum of double, and up to ten times, that of a human equivalent.

Improve accuracy
Runs 24 / 7

Blue Prism product overview

Introduces Robotic Process Automation, and provides guidance on building a capability as well as an overview of the Blue Prism software that underpins the platform.