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Read HfS’ Welcoming our Robotic Security underlings.

  • HfS Research Highlight Blue Prism’s Success in Driving RPA Adoption

    Here’s what HfS had to say about Blue Prism… In a market that is full of smoke and mirrors, Blue Prism is the dependable safe pair of hands. Blue Prism is leveraging the first mover advantage with strong partner relationships, having the strongest impact on industry specific services. Blue Prism’s strategic vision is to evolve toward an orchestration platform integrating a broad set of automation technologies.

  • Latest Research Findings Validate Blue Prism’s Market Leadership and Product Innovation Strategy

    The TechMarketView report is designed to provide insights into RPA adoption, especially in the highly regulated energy and retail banking sectors. The report is derived from conversations with senior business managers responsible for managing RPA deployments—all Blue Prism customers. These insights highlight the company’s success and track record with enterprise customers in these market sectors.

  • Rewiring The Robots Within Your Organization

    Viewed as a strategic capability RPA revolutionizes how organisations can manage change, ensure compliance and create competitive edge. Rather than having employees smooth over the cracks between the organization’s “heritage” systems and the needs of its customer, what if you could add extra robotic capacity allowing you to free up people (to do the important stuff) while doubling the capacity of the firm at virtually zero cost? Wouldn’t that put some spice in your digital transformation strategy? Based on a comprehensive research study, this paper provides a step by step guide on how to successfully implement RPA.

  • A New Approach to Automating Services

    Companies are achieving productivity gains by using software robots to perform routine, rules-based service processes. If implemented well, such automation can result in high performing human-robot teams, in which software robots and human employees complement one another.

  • The next acronym you need to know about: RPA (robotic process automation)

    Robotics are beginning to have a profound effect on business. In this interview, Xavier Lhuer, an associate principal in McKinsey’s London office, speaks with Leslie Willcocks, professor of technology, work, and globalization at the London School of Economics’ department of management, about his work on robotic process automation—its impact on work, and how companies can capture its strategic and financial benefits.

  • Understanding Enterprise RPA - The Blue Prism Example

    David Chappell, a respected Silicon Valley technical guru has conducted a third-party technical analysis on Blue Prism enterprise RPA. This report discusses the characteristics of Enterprise RPA, the best approach for automating a business process, reuse, auditing, management and other aspects that an enterprise RPA provides that other types of RPA do not. The report concludes that Simple RPA technologies focus almost entirely on business users. API-based integration relies mostly on IT.

  • Blue Prism Choosing Your Lane - A Guide to the Three Types of Robotic Process Automation Technology

    Blue Prism created a new technology category called robotic process automation, deploying fleets of software robots that are secure, reliable and scalable.

  • Welcoming our Robotic Security underlings

    Outsourcing provides a great value proposition of shifting processes to lower cost labor but also opens companies up to higher risk and security by moving control outside the enterprise. Read more on how Robotic Process Automation can keep your data safer than in the hands of a 3rd party organization.

  • Robotic Process Automation: The Next Transformation Lever for Shared Services - Blue Prism

    The latest instalment in the LSE RPA white paper series – in this research paper Professor Leslie Wilcox and Mary Lacity examine how Robotic Process Automation is being deployed in the shared services organization because of swivel chair processes. The paper includes case studies and benefits achieved such as FTE savings and more satisfied employees because their jobs are refocused on more interesting tasks that require judgment, empathy and social interactions.

  • LSE - The IT function and Robotic Process Automation

    The latest instalment in the LSE’s RPA case studies series – this time they examine the role of IT in building an enterprise class RPA capability

  • Deloitte – One-third of jobs in the UK at risk from automation

    Advances in technology will likely see jobs requiring repetitive processing, clerical and support services, replaced with roles requiring digital, management and creative skills. These trends are already well under way. Technology, automation and robotics will cause a significant shift in the UK labour market in the next twenty years, with one-third (35%) of existing jobs at risk of being replaced according to research carried out by Deloitte

  • Blue Prism product insight – Increasing data quality with RPA

    “Blue Prism’s enterprise platform for software robotics provides new levels of security and governance to process execution and delivery, whilst operating in a non-invasive way thus providing agility to the business.”

  • Blue Prism product overview

    Introduces Robotic Process Automation, and provides guidance on building a capability as well as an overview of the Blue Prism software that underpins the platform.

  • Forrester report – Building a center of expertise to support Robotic Automation

    Forrester Research Consulting have published a report explaining how an organization should develop a Center of Expertise (CoE) to support an enterprise scale Robotic Automation program. The papers explains what robotic automation is, what types of processes are suitable for this approach and how it is different from BPM initiatives. Forrester reaches the conclusion, amongst other key findings, that Robotic Automation complements BPM programs and should be rolled out using a CoE organizational form.

  • Framing a constitution for Robotistan

    Horses for Sources (HFS) have published a follow up report to their “Robots emerge as a threat to low cost outsourcing “published last year. The new report “Framing a Constitution for Robotistan” examines the opportunities for Robotic Automation for the BPO industry and its customers and how the adoption of robotic automation has significantly accelerated over the last 12 months. The report states “The Simple bottom line is that robotic automation is more than a technology trend: it is a different way to think about how business processes are solutioned, delivered, and managed.”

  • The future of finance talent

    This report suggests a number of trends that could affect finance talent management in the future, and focuses particularly on the implications of further growth in shared services, outsourcing, the rise of global business services and their relationships with the retained finance organization.

  • Robotic Automation emerges as a threat to traditional low-cost outsourcing

    This paper, authored by James R Slaby of Horses for Sources, the leading research analyst for the BPO sector, examines Blue Prism’s robotic automation technology (the first entrant they’ve identified in what they expect will eventually become a crowded vendor market).

  • Forrester report – The role of IT in business-driven Process Automation

    Forrester explores how businesses are benefiting from “self serve” process automations

  • Times BPO supplement June 2012 – Robotic Automation: driving next-generation BPO

    The article, published in the Times BPO supplement, explains how robotic automation could drive the next generation of BPO service offerings

  • Robotic Automation – What next for BPO’s?

    The paper explores how Robotic Automation offers opportunities to BPO service providers

  • Product overview – NHS

    Blue Prism agility software delivers unique capabilities for the NHS.

  • Robotic Process Automation: Adding to the Process Transformation toolkit

    Ovum have authored a new report on the RPA market and outline how Enterprise RPA fits in the Automation technology landscape