Women in RPA

We are committed to elevating the voice and experience of women in this ever-evolving automation landscape and their contributions to the field.

Our Objectives


Inspire women and other underrepresented groups to realize their full potential.


Drive awareness of the benefits of diversity within the RPA and intelligent automation community.


Ensure benefits of having a Diverse and Inclusive workforce are realized.

She Said

An inspiring video series with advice and wisdom from our larger women in RPA and intelligent automation community.

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Women in RPA & Intelligent Automation

In our progressive technology world, women remain a minority in both the overall technology workforce and leadership. The Women in RPA and Intelligent Automation (#WIRPA) initiative exists to celebrate the contributions of women who are succeeding in Robotic Process Automation and the wider intelligent automation industry. We strive to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, by sponsoring women-centered business events, volunteering in our communities and providing learning opportunities for girls interested in STEM.

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Developing a Gender Pay Gap Action Plan

This infographic is a summary of key takeways as collaboratively imagined by the attendees of the "Developing a Gender Pay Gap Action Plan" workshop held during the Women of Silicon Roundabout in London on the 1st of November, 2021. This workshop was facilitated by members of Blue Prism's Women in RPA (WiRPA) community.

This tool is aimed at supporting anyone in having communications around pay equity across gender and minorities and giving starting strategies to drive towards change.

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The Origins of Women in RPA

The Women in RPA initiative spotlights successful women leading the way in the exciting and quickly evolving intelligent automation industry.

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