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Our goal is to create intelligent, adaptable systems that learn from people. We’d like to make it easier to solve problems and automate complex tasks using natural forms of communication, like visual demonstrations or natural language.


Vision Statement: To transform how people work, solve problems and build reliable intelligent systems.

Interactive AI

AI systems that work alongside humans workforce and in a human-centric world need to understand and interact with the working environment and communicate with people reliably.

Adaptive AI

AI systems have to constantly adapt to changing circumstances and improve over time.

Trustworthy AI

Garnering trust in machine learning systems is important. We are interested in understanding how reliable predictions can be made and how to reason about uncertainty in a decision making framework.

Explainable AI

Since auditability and accountability are important for many of our customers, we are working on creating human-interpretable AI systems.

Our Team

BP AI Jacques

Jacques Cali

Director of Research

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

BP AI Murat

Murat Sensoy

Senior Research Scientist

Reliable Deep Learning, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Autonomous Multiagent Systems


Dan A. Calian

Research Scientist

Computer Vision, Inverse Problems, Sparse Representation Learning


Ben Carr

Research Engineer

Computer Vision

BP AI Dell

Dell Zhang

Staff Research Scientist

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval

BP AI Krishna

Krishna Dubba

Senior Research Scientist

Computer Vision, NLP, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

BP AI John

John Reid

Senior Research Scientist

Bayesian Statistics, Deep Generative Models

BP AI Alex

Alexander Kuhnle

Research Engineer

Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Models

BP AI Guillem

Guillem Cucurull

Research Engineer

Computer Vision, Representation Learning, Generative Models

BP AI Julian

Julian Richardson

Staff Research Engineer

Natural Language Processing, Program Synthesis

BP AI Thomas

Thomas Sajot

Machine Learning Engineer

Computer Vision, Deep Learning

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