Accelerating Enterprise Automation with Our Technology Alliance Program

By Colin Redbond

The great ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We hold this axiom very near to our hearts at Blue Prism, because we believe that the future of a digital workforce will be delivered by a flexible platform of interconnected and complementary technologies.

That’s why last week, we announced our Technology Alliance Program. We’re teaming up with top tech firms, innovators and industry heavyweights to extend the reach and capabilities of our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, by enabling enterprises to leverage best-of-breed solutions for automation, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Technology Alliance Program is significant for two key reasons. First, the program formalizes the innovative work taking place in our partner ecosystem. Through a careful evaluation process, we identify and select the best digital transformation and implementation partners to work with through our Technology Alliance Program. With names like CaptricityCelatonExpert SystemIBM and Minit already signed on, we consider ourselves fortunate be bringing transformative enterprise RPA to the market along with the trusted advisors to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our focus is always on delivering transformational value to our clients, and as such, the seamless interaction between technology platforms is key to our success. One of the firms helping to achieve this is Business Process Management (BPM) and Low Code development platform leader Appian, which has already launched a Blue Prism Integration plugin as a result of our technology alliance. The plugin makes it easier for Appian developers to integrate Blue Prism Processes or Objects directly within the Appian Process Modeler, creating fully automated end-to-end business processes and Applications. In essence, this means that Appian’s technology can orchestrate a queue of jobs for Blue Prism’s digital workforce and increase the reach of the platform. In turn, Blue Prism can integrate into Appian to manage exceptions and provide a full management loop for our Digital Workforce. Appian is changing the nature of enterprise work, and this plugin offers a glimpse into how fully digital enterprises powered by the Blue Prism Digital Workforce operating system can deliver transformational value, beyond any other technology in the market.

Secondly, this program is significant for us because it is a step toward realizing the vision of an Operating System for the Digital Workforce. Beyond manual processing, a single, all-encompassing automation platform built around our foundational RPA technology is one that makes the best use of existing IT resources and platforms, while adding in new and emerging enterprise-class software capabilities. It meets the needs of organizations operating in the most competitive and demanding regulatory environments without compromising the high level of standards for security, risk, compliance and governance that they require. The reality is, though, that no one vendor can do it all alone.

In order to create the whole that will exceed the sum of its parts, Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program will further our collective efforts of creating an Operating System for the Digital Workforce. Our ecosystem partners have helped Blue Prism become the de facto standard for enterprise RPA, and together we will usher in this next phase in enterprise and intelligent automation.

Colin Redbond, product manager and Digital Workforce architect