Blue Prism Hosts its First Partner World and Customer Events

Events Focused on Expediting Customer Deployments through RPA Training and Certification

20160511_171003_resizedThis spring, Blue Prism welcomed almost 200 members of its extensive partner network to the company’s first ever series of Partner World events in London and New York, designed to help partners collaborate with their customers to successfully deploy software robots.

Representatives from 45 partner organizations joined the Blue Prism executive team, select enterprise customers and industry analysts to discuss the burgeoning RPA market and to exchange best practices for successfully deploying Blue Prism’s RPA technology.

The Partner World sessions provided clarity on misconceptions in the automation market, including an explanation of what distinguishes Blue Prism’s RPA from competing systems. One of the core objectives of the Partner World events was to highlight the benefits of membership in the Blue Prism partner network and ensure partners had access to the information and training they need to implement Blue Prism’s methodology for the benefit of their customers. As the RPA market is still evolving, the Blue Prism team recognizes the importance of developing a certification program to help enterprises select third-party implementation partners with proven experience and success when deploying Blue Prism’s software robots.

20160511_102156_resizedIn addition to its Partner World events, Blue Prism also held a customer panel in London and sessions with select customers in New York to allow for sharing of RPA deployment accomplishments and lessons learned with other organizations hoping to achieve similar results. Beyond that, attendees left with a greater understanding of what third-party implementation partners need to be successful. This insight will help to educate the companies’ partners on how they go about building a business case, proof of concept and insight for how to best leverage deployments of software robots for maximum impact.

These events and subsequent conversations allowed Blue Prism to collaborate with partners and customers to inform the aspects of the certification program that they collectively deemed most important. From these learnings, Blue Prism will formally unveil a program in the coming months that accredits partners following an extensive training period and exams to ensure that the individuals and partner organizations measure up to Blue Prism’s standards.

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