Everything’s Bigger in Texas—Including Blue Prism

By: Bart Peluso, VP, Product Marketing

No matter where you’re from, you’ll have heard of Texas: a U.S. state where there are no limits to your dreams and ambitions, BBQ is king, bluebonnets bloom, and football comes close to being a religion. When you meet someone from the Lone-Star state, no doubt you’ll realize three things: they have impeccable manners, they are proud of where they come from, and they are the very essence of the term “grit.”

For all these reasons and more, we were proud to open a global technical innovation center and customer support hub in Austin, Texas in early 2017. Now, just eight months later, our team there has grown tenfold and will move to a new facility in Austin as our U.S. headquarters continues to flourish.

Austin, according to the Austin Chamber, is a prime location for companies to build a presence or base their headquarters in the U.S., particularly in the technology industry. If fact, some of our partners have claimed a plot in the Lone-star state, including HPE, IBM, and Solai & Cameron. With the world’s most successful digital workforce in town, it’s quickly becoming the leading U.S. base for enterprise automation, too.

We at Blue Prism are very excited to grow our Austin team and have our sights set on expanding aggressively and quickly across the globe. Since Austin will continue to serve as our U.S. headquarters, we are actively hiring and recruiting in the area. Check out ways to join the world’s greatest RPA team at, or email a resume and cover letter to