How BNY Mellon Became a Pioneer in Software Robots

As reported in American Banker, Bank of New York Mellon has become one of the first U.S. banks to use robotic process automation to transform everyday operations – and they do so using Blue Prism software robots.

In an article published recently, Doug Shulman, senior executive VP and global head of client service delivery at BNY Mellon, told the magazine that the bank’s RPA deployment is part of a broader transformation program that is leveraging smart automation and robotics in various operational processes. Today, four of eight RPA pilots at BNY Mellon have been moved into production – using Blue Prism bots to research orders, resolve discrepancies and clear trades.

“It’s freeing up people who used to do those kinds of tasks,” Shulman said. “We’re taking people off the mind-numbing tasks that a bot could do, and freeing them up to service clients and do higher-value-added tasks and more analytical tasks.”

To learn more about the benefits delivered in the back-office and to the employees at BNY Mellon as a result of RPA, read the full article by editor Penny Crossman here >