Is AI a Friend or Foe? techUK Finds Answers During Artificial Intelligence Week

To promote the opportunities and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in the UK, the Information Technology Telecommunications and Electronics Association group, techUK, shared news, views and insights from leaders in the technology sector during its Artificial Intelligence Week. Observed the final week in April, techUK published guest blogs, podcast interviews and other articles from and with AI thought leaders in the UK.

Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate contributed his industry expertise and thought leadership in a blog focused on the criticisms and potential of AI in business, specifically on how AI in the workplace is designed to help automate monotonous, mundane tasks so employees can dedicate themselves to more fulfilling, value-add work that, according to Alastair, help to “seek out that new market, revitalize sales, spot new opportunity and double output with virtually zero cost.” Read Alastair’s blog titled, “Friend not Foe: Robotic Workforces Could Boost – Not Break – Our Working World,” here.

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