U.K. Government Embraces Digital Co-Workers

By Andre Fuochi, Global Head of Communications

As reported by, the National Cabinet Office recently began laying the groundwork for the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to help increase efficiency at the federal level. The Cabinet Office has also created an educational campaign to spread awareness of RPA and its benefits within the public sector.

Blue Prism News Robots Are Taking OverWhile this is the first-time RPA is being pursued at a national level, the government is no stranger to this technology. At the North Tyneside Council, RPA is currently utilized for customer service, finance, human resources, procurement services and more. As a direct result of increased efficiency due to RPA, the Council has created a plan to deliver £56 million in cost-savings over the next few years.

“We have an ever-increasing workload for the council with ever-reducing resources, and it’s going to be impossible to achieve that with our existing ranges of budgets. Using RPA will allow us to do that because it will allow us to speed up service to the customer while improving consistency,” says Ben Kaner, Head of Digital Strategy at North Tyneside Council. To be specific, the technology has made North Tyneside six times more productive than before, which gives North Tyneside Council more time to focus on governance and less time on backend work, ultimately resulting in a more successful governmental organization that has time to zero in on the issues and leave administrative work to technology.

RPA is not only changing how organizations function but the nature of work itself. To learn more about the Cabinet Office’s educational campaign, read this article. To find out more about North Tyneside Council’s success with RPA, check out this video.