7 steps to success: Part 8 – Changing your culture and getting the best from RPA

We’ve looked at each of the 7 key steps within the The Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM), and how our methodology provides the foundations for a successful implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) and Intelligent Aut...

Why Blue Prism World 2019 is Bigger and Better

Blue Prism World 2019 is our annual technology conference, bringing you the very latest in robotic process automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation and the future of the digital workforce. And this year, the event is g...

7 steps to success: Part 7 – The support services you need to create your RPA success story

The Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM) provides the framework you need to set up a Digital Workforce within your organization. But you don’t have to walk the road of robotic process automation (RPA) alone – we’re also here to s...

Discover our New Product-Focused Webinar Series: Pulse Online

By Charlotte Kennett, Global Customer Marketing ManagerAs you may already know, last year we kicked-off our thought leadership webinar series called Blue Prism Café. In the 12 months that we’ve ran this online event, we welcom...

7 steps to success: Part 6 – The continual evolution of RPA: Delivering the most effective automation

It’s vital to embrace RPA across the whole organization, if you want to achieve the true return on investment (ROI) and strategic benefits of introducing a Digital Workforce into our systems. ...

7 steps to success: Part 5 – Embracing RPA and choosing the right processes to automate

So you’ve built your Robotic Operating Model (ROM) and you’re starting to deliver these processes – but how do you know if you’ve identified the right processes for automation?

Blue Prism Cafe: How change without fear drives Digital Workforce success at Ageas UK

By Emma Kirby-Kidd, Process Automation lead and Katie Payne, Automation Aftercare Manager at Ageas UK

Blue Prism Launches “Blue Prism Digital Exchange” to Accelerate RPA Value Realization

By David Mayer, Senior Analyst, NelsonHallAutomation marketplaces are swiftly becoming a standard offering for leading RPA and intelligent automation providers, and with good cause. Automation is coming of age in the era of the “appified” technology space, one in which tech buyers in...

7 steps to success: Part 4 – Having the right strategy and infrastructure for automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the starting point in the digital journey. And to implement RPA effectively, it’s vital to have the right strategy and technical infrastructure in place.

7 steps to success: Part 3 – Evolving your policies for the Digital Workforce

A Digital Workforce helps you meet your digital transformation challenges. But when you’re reviewing your internal policies and procedures, it’s vital to tailor these for your digital workers.