Shortcut your SAP® Automation Development

Blue Prism® accelerators for use with SAP® ERP

Blue Prism Intelligent Automation provides a more agile digital workforce for businesses like yours.

Accelerate operations and migrations for both ECC and S/4HANA, significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Blue Prism offers pre-built automation components that mimic human user interactions.

Simplify automation with SAP® software

There's no need to create automations for SAP® software from scratch. Now you can regain up to 90% of your in time and effort with our pre-built accelerators for SAP® ERP.

Our accelerators provide:

  • Significant reductions in development time.
  • A consistent approach to automation solution design, resulting in lower maintenance costs, improved scalability and higher quality.
  • Ease of modifications to support your customization needs.

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How to simplify automations for SAP® software

Step 1: Choose the T-codes (transaction codes) or module from the Blue Prism® Accelerators for use with SAP® ERP library.

Step 2: Download pre-built T-code objects from the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

Step 3: Modify the T-code objects to function in your SAP® software environment

Step 4: Enjoy the higher ROI you achieved with our accelerators.

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Why Blue Prism is the best intelligent automation platform for use with SAP® software.

  • No-code approach with Blue Prism’s identification mode for SAP® software.
  • Easy for any Blue Prism developer to understand and use out of the box – reducing the need for SAP® software subject matter experts.
  • Reusable in SAP® ERP Central Component (ECC), SAP S/4HANA® and during SAP® software migrations.
  • Resilient and stable with no coding or screen scraping required.
  • Simple customizations and maintenance.

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Free the People

Becoming an agile enterprise means operating as a seamless mix of digital workers, human workers, and systems dynamically automating processes everywhere from the back office to the customer experience. You can do this with Blue Prism's intelligent digital workers that are versatile, autonomous, self-organizing, and secure. As a result, you gain better insight and control over the work, create new and transformative ways to operate, and empower people to focus on work that truly matters.

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