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The SS&C Blue Prism and AWS Global Strategic Partnership

SS&C Blue Prism and AWS have had a global collaboration agreement since 2021 that transforms how businesses access and implement intelligent automation solutions. Learn more about how our strategic partnership benefits customers by providing an accessible SaaS offering on AWS and easy integration with products from the AWS stack.

Our partnership enables you to:


Integrate AWS services into your SS&C Blue Prism automations by downloading pre-built connectors from the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.


Choose from cloud or hybrid deployments leveraging the AWS certified reference architecture.


Procure a range of SS&C Blue Prism products and services direct via the AWS Marketplace with your AWS Preferred Pricing Agreement (PPA) to start – or grow – your cloud-based automation journey.

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Generative AI Meets Automation

Watch this video to see how you can add generative AI to your intelligent automation program and transform faster.

Access Tools, Skills, and Assets for AWS on the SS&C Blue Prism Digital Exchange

Create or expand your intelligent automations in just a few clicks. We have over 250 AWS connectors available to download from the SS&C Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) – our proprietary library of ready-made apps and building blocks – saving you countless development hours.

Directly access integrations with popular AWS technologies from the links below

Amazon Bedrock

A fully managed service that allows you to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models. 

Watch video

Get the Amazon Bedrock connector

Amazon SageMaker

Build, train and deploy machine learning models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows.

Get the Amazon SageMaker connector

Amazon Textract

A machine learning service that automatically extracts text, handwriting, layout elements, and data from scanned documents. 

Get the Amazon Textract connector

Amazon Rekognition

Image recognition service powered by machine learning that extracts information and insights from your images and videos. 

Get the Amazon Rekognition connector

Amazon Connect

Amazon’s AI-powered contact center solution. 

Get the Amazon Connect connector

Aws marketplace

SS&C Blue Prism store on AWS Marketplace

Visit the SS&C Blue Prism store to see all our latest solutions available from the AWS Marketplace, including:

Start a proof of concept with Blue Prism on AWS

As an AWS and Blue Prism customer, our cloud strategy was a critical lynchpin to help scale our automation initiatives. Automation had become a critical need almost overnight and in every area of our enterprise. It was time for us to put what we had planned and theorized into action."

Kim Meredith

Business Technology Lead, CoE at Sysco