Comparing Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere

Connected-RPA vs RPA vs RDA

Blue Prism and other RPA solutions providers like UiPath and Automation Anywhere offer similar yet distinctive RPA solutions—which one is best for your businesses’ long-term digital strategy?


Attended Automation RDA

  • Record-and-replay, tactical automations
  • Short, not complex, no exceptions or variables
  • Limited connectivity due to navigating systems from a desktop

Assisted Automation RPA

  • Complex, longtail coded automations
  • Capable of accessing systems via desktop and open APIs
  • Required re-coding for every process object utilizing a system to updates, upgrades or changes at all

Autonomous Automation Enterprise-grade connected-RPA

  • No-coding necessary, so business leaders can respond to market demands in real time
  • World-class security built-in, so IT can govern with confidence
  • Never code, recode or re-record a process again because the market does not wait for IT tickets

The limitations of Attended Automation in long-term, scalable automation

Attended Automation providers, with offerings similar to Automation Anywhere are able to automate processes but only to a point and only one at a time, per desktop machine and per set of shared log-in credentials with real human staff.
That sentence alone is a recipe for a compliance nightmare, and that’s exactly why Attended Automation solutions, similar to Automation Anywhere, are usually the result of rogue IT.
While Assisted Automation Solutions are usually up and running fairly quickly, they literally completely stop working anytime a third-party system’s interface changes from the initial “recording.” Moved login field? You’ve got a problem. New box to tick? You’ve got a problem. And if you’re running 100 machines on the same process, then you’ve got 100 problems, that need to be re-recorded. The market doesn’t wait for re-recording.

Recorded Desktop Automation (RDA)

Providers similar to Automation Anywhere & UiPath Recording
  • Avoids IT
  • Easy to start and build, impossible to truly scale
  • Kills the robot when a basic Web UI changes
  • Lacks security and compliance allowing Users to change logs
  • Designed for desktop use
  • Everything is bolted on

An option for longtail, complex RPA if IT can help code and recode and recode again, if needed

Assisted Automation provides many of the bells and whistles of enterprise-grade connected-RPA, but only with the back-up of IT support. Assisted Automation providers like UiPath realize the importance of getting simple, short and non-complex attended automations up and running quickly. That’s why part of their offering services this automation method. And similarly, to providers like Automation Anywhere, RDA tools from vendors like UiPath require recording and rerecording when changes take place, and can only operate on one machine at a time using one set of login credentials shared with a human counterpart. Additionally, providers like UiPath understand the business value of Assisted Automation – wherein software robots are assigned tasks based on pre-built drag-and-drop process automations. There’s no limit to how many software robots can run at one time using an Assisted Automation too—users are not limited to desktops and human log-in credentials. However, users will need to log IT tickets every time a third-party system or applications changes in any way that impacts a process in order to keep production intact.

The Market Does Not Wait for IT Tickets: Connected-RPA fosters nimble innovation to meet market demands at the pace of business

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA is the only solution that puts AI at the fingertips of business leaders and the ability to reuse process objects over and over and update all on demand with no coding.
Blue Prism’s business-led connected-RPA platform fosters a nimble, entrepreneurial spirit among business-users who gain instant access to easy drag-and-drop automation technologies with AI.
Connected-RPA is about establishing a Connected, Entrepreneur Enterprise by putting powerful AI and automation technologies into the hands of business leaders to impact the outcomes they desire.
Our point of view is simple: Intelligent Automation enabled by easy access to leading-edge cloud, AI & cognitive capabilities builds a Connected, Entrepreneur Enterprise that’s agile and competitive. This is connected-RPA, and we think this could be a gamechanger for our customers.


  • Only Blue Prism allows business users with no-coding experience to build innovative automations and to address changes, variables and exceptions on demand
  • Connected-RPA helps overcome obsolescence by providing access to best-in-class technologies
  • Connected-RPA links the talent in our customer organizations to the industry’s largest partner ecosystems through our Digital Exchange “app store”

Here’s what RPA prospects and customers are telling us about UiPath and Automation Anywhere…

Competitor Claim
Blue Prism Response
UiPath can do a Proof of Concept (POC) in 2 days.
Blue Prism does not speed through POCs; RPA is a platform. The planning and documentation phases are targeted to deliver maximum ROI.
UiPath robots are easy to build, easy to deploy, with 100% accuracy.
Blue Prism users can build all processes and unlike UiPath, does not rely on coding and IT personnel to implement changes when building more complex tasks. Even UiPath Go! requires extensive C# and .NET experience to build components.
UiPath Go! has more components and apps available on its marketplace than Blue Prism’s DX.
Blue Prism takes a quality over quantity approach to the Digital Exchange. Its assets are highly vetted, fully functional, and immediately ready to be embedded into new and existing process automations. Blue Prism builds partnerships with technology providers and takes a rigorous approach to researching and qualifying automation, AI and cognitive capabilities for the DX marketplace. 
UiPath offers a free 60-day trial.
Robots are the foundation for future technologies, connecting legacy to new tech; which cannot accurately be accomplished with a free 60-day trial.
UiPath can automate multiple processes.
Blue Prism invented Intelligent Work Queues in 2009, with robots intelligent enough to know which processes take precedence, allowing hundreds of processes to run simultaneously.
UiPath’s Computer Vision looks at the underlying code base.
Blue Prism uses surface automation, which looks beyond static elements, seeing movement, resolution, and color changes.
Automation Anywhere offers a complete RPA solution.
IEEE categorizes Blue Prism as a real RPA because one digital worker does thousands of processes. AA is only an RDA because its process is the robot.
Automation Anywhere allows customers to easily and quickly scale.
Blue Prism is far more scalable because it separates the digital worker from the process and is 670 times faster at running processes than AA.
Automation Anywhere promises quick deployment, in a few hours.
Blue Prism does not speed through POCs; RPA is a platform, where the planning and documentation phase are key to deliver maximum ROI.
Automation Anywhere ensures IT-level security making it attractive to banking clients.
Blue Prism incorporates transparency of actions with scalable audit trails. Over 50% of the 100 largest financial institutions are Blue Prism customers.
Automation Anywhere has an app store with pre-populated bots.
Blue Prism’s built-in integrations ensure instant connectivity, allowing users to create custom processes that are tailor-made for their organizations.