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Why SS&C Blue Prism

Technical implementation is one thing, personalized support is another. For us, the two go hand in hand. Get the most out of our Intelligent Automation suite through implementation, adoption and results with SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services.

With Professional Services from SS&C Blue Prism your organization will be able to:

Unlock your full potential

Access experts who have extensive experience with the full suite of SS&C Blue Prism products, allowing you to make the most of the platform.

Maximize value

Optimize your existing processes to maximize the benefits of SS&C Blue Prism.

Get results faster

Faster implementation of SS&C Blue Prism products, reducing the time it takes to see the benefits of automation.

Customize solutions

The SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services team will work with you to design custom automation solutions that meet your specific needs.

Improve efficiency

SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services can help you improve efficiency in your implementations, reduce errors in your operations and help you define the most productive operating model

Ensure long-term success

Ensure the future scalability of your automation program, enabling you to continuously maximize automation benefits as your business expands.

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Our Service Offerings


We offer comprehensive support for organizations launching their automation journey with SS&C Blue Prism. Our expert team guides you through designing the environment and installing the full product portfolio. We equip your team with the skills needed for success. Our tailored Professional Services Days provide flexible support from our automation experts to meet your specific needs.


Transform your business operations with our Build Services. Our team of experts will work with you to design and implement customized automation solutions that streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and boost your bottom line. From process discovery, to analysis to testing and deployment, we'll guide you every step of the way. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to increased productivity and a more scalable, agile business.


Our consultants provide expert guidance and implementation of best practices for your intelligent automation program. We ensure optimization and maximize its potential. Our flexible engagement models are tailored to your needs including a suite of assessments and assurances to help you make the most of your Center of Excellence capability and Robotic Operating Model. We help your organization drive efficiency and performance.

We are here for you

We provide a team of experts who enable customers to unleash the full potential of SS&C Blue Prism for their organization.

Services designed around your needs

Maximum value

Achieve maximum value and business outcomes sooner

Accessibility to experts who have extensive experience with the full suite of SS&C Blue Prism products, allowing you to get the most of the platform.

Greater scalability

Greater scalability

Lay the groundwork for your future success by implementing a scalable solution from the outset that can expand alongside your growth. We can assist you in establishing a resilient platform, the cornerstone of a successful automation program.

Custom fit solution

Custom-fit solutions aligned to your needs

With extensive experience across countless projects globally, we can help design a custom automation solution that meets your specific needs.

Lower risk

Committed to your success

We value your investment in SS&C Blue Prism and our Professional Services team are committed to making your program a success. We provide a range of services from advisory to delivery to assurance services to meet all your automation needs.

Discover, deliver, and increase value quickly with SS&C Blue Prism Professional Services. No matter where you are at in your automation journey, we are here for you.