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Blue Prism is an international Independent software vendor based in the North West of England and is rapidly expanding globally with offices in London, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.

To support our expansion, we are seeking an experienced and professional individual to join our development team with primary responsibility for researching, designing and implementing enhancements and fixes to our market-leading application. The successful candidate will be a strong collaborative team player who thrives on technical challenges within a fast-paced environment, applies sound judgement and enjoys working as part of an agile team.

Role Specification
  • Confident agile coach and mentor for the team, someone who knows when to be the leader in front, leader at the side and leader behind.
  • Helping the team to remove any impediments themselves, whilst shielding the team from distractions that may arise beyond their control.
  • Recognising antipatterns and advising the team on why and how these are to be avoided.
  • Encouraging negotiation between the team, PO and various other stakeholders, shortening feedback loops and ensuring everyone’s views are considered
  • Enabling the team to drive their own continuous improvement and where appropriate, shine a light on the blind spots teams may encounter in this regard
  • Guiding the team on facilitation of their own ceremonies, whilst providing valuable input and coaching on how to improve and get more value out of the ceremonies
  • Educate stakeholders outside the scrum team about how to inspect what the team is working on, advising what metrics offer insight and avoiding their misuse.
  • Very close ally to the Product Owner, offering insight into how value is sliced (vertical vs horizontal) and ensuring the team are fully engaged when refining PBIs.

Person Specification

  • Your key skill will be in coaching the PO/team in the agile mindset and the reasons behind the practices and processes of Scrum.
  • You will be primarily encouraging your team to self-organise with a focus on delivering value with every iteration.
  • You’ll be engaging with people, providing an open and free dialogue between team members and line managers.
  • Always have one eye on your own development, and be learning and keeping up to date with the latest developments in Scrum and Agile thinking (via books, blogs and meetups etc)
  • You will be a self-starter who finds solutions and is easily able to adapt to new technologies.
  • You will embrace feedback loops, and encourage those around you to do the same. Someone who prides themselves on delivering hard truths whilst caring personally about improvements needed.
  • Natural story teller, someone who can convey ideas visually with passion drawn on experience
  • Confident change agent, someone who takes ownership and pride in watching their team improve and grow.

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Our Ideal Candidate

  • Certified Scrum Master / Professional Scrum Master I
  • Very familiar with modern Agile development practices
  • Knows how to talk to Developers, Testers, DevOps, UX-UI in a language they’ll understand
  • Knowledge of Agile approaches beyond Scrum e.g. Kanban, Lean
  • 3+ years experience in a Scrum Master role
  • Knowledge of scaling frameworks especially LeSS
  • Familarisation with continuous integration/continuous delivery/DevOps approaches

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Als agiles Unternehmen benötigen Sie reibungslose Abläufe zwischen Mitarbeitern, Ihrer Digital Workforce und allen Systemen; Prozesse werden dynamisch automatisiert, vom Back-Office bis zum Bereich Customer Experience. All das schaffen Sie mit der intelligenten Digital Workforce von Blue Prism: flexibel, autonom, sicher und in der Lage, sich selbst zu organisieren. Dadurch gewinnen Sie einen genauen Überblick über alle Schritte, können endlich neue Arbeitsmethoden gestalten und Ihrem Team Raum für wirklich wertvolle Arbeit geben.

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