31 ene. 2019

Blue Prism Helps Customers Gain Greater Value from RPA Initiatives With New Process Discovery Tool and Success Accelerator Program

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New offerings Improve ROI on RPA for new and existing customers as a part of Blue Prism’s connected-RPA vision

Austin, Texas, and London — January 24, 2019 — Finding innovative ways to help new and existing customers get the most value from their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today launched its Process Discovery Tool and announced the upcoming availability of its Success Accelerator program. The Process Discovery Tool, available through the company’s portal, reduces the time to prepare for an RPA deployment from weeks to hours, through features that help assess, qualify and prioritize processes for automation readiness, ease of automation and potential business value. Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator program, which will be launched in the next 90 days, provides partners and customers with unparalleled access to RPA deployment experts and the latest software to help ensure RPA projects are a success.

“Our new Process Discovery Tool and Success Accelerator have been specifically developed to help organizations realize the returns from their Digital Workforce,” says Neil Wright, Chief Customer Officer at Blue Prism. “We understand that our customers want to tap into the latent potential of their workforce and these latest offerings will help them do just that. Together we can create a connected entrepreneur enterprise, where digitally-savvy employees are freed from mundane repetitive tasks to drive innovation across their business. To do this successfully, however, takes more than technology, it requires a partnership with access to mechanisms, communities and expert resources which is what our new connected-RPA vision is all about.”

Enabling and Accelerating RPA Adoption

A common challenge for organizations looking to extract value from RPA is processes to automate first that will deliver the most value, and quickest Return on Investment (ROI). By addressing this challenge, the Process Discovery Tool enables customers to unleash their digitally-savvy employees, “the makers”, much sooner, and means that they waste no time in developing new services and adding value to their organization. The new Process Discovery Tool by Blue Prism will also provide existing customers with the following feature benefits:

  • Detailed Reports: Provides customers with real insight into the success of any automation activities, including management snapshots that can give sponsors and stakeholders a clear idea of status.
  • Real-time Information: All the latest information regarding current automation projects and progress can be shared in real-time and with the ability to filter and sort processes to get a more granular view.
  • Dashboard: A user-friendly results dashboard to see key statistics at a glance that can be used to inform next stages of an automation program.

Through Success Accelerator and working closely and collaboratively with partners, Blue Prism is helping organizations take full advantage of the RPA technology at their disposal and allowing it to reach its full potential. Success Accelerator is a package that augments and complements the company’s market-leading network of delivery partners by providing customers with access to expert support and mentoring from a Customer Success Director, as well as access to a team from Expert Services. By providing this guidance, working closely with our delivery partners, Blue Prism can help customers navigate the top-down pressures from business decision makers as well as help close off any knowledge or skills gaps that may arise during deployment. In addition, Blue Prism’s Success Accelerator will provide access to:

  • Robotic Operating Model (ROM®): A strategic platform composed of standards, principles and templates, which has been developed to support the implementation of a digital workforce as part of transformational change across an enterprise.
  • Blue Prism Success Director: An experienced change leader operating as a single conduit between the project team, both partner and customer, and the Blue Prism Expert Services functions, helping drive the agreed upon business outcome of the customer’s project.
  • Blue Prism ROM Architect®: Support creating the Robotic Operating Model (ROM®), as well as backing for the creation and development of the automated processes.
  • Blue Prism Design: Mentorship and support for delivery teams in the creation of automations that are re-usable, scalable and resilient.
  • Blue Prism Delivery: Mentorship of delivery teams to create objects, processes and associated documentation which support the handover to business-as-usual support operations.
  • Blue Prism Technical Architect: Support for technical infrastructure design and implementation, providing guidance on where and how to integrate complementary technologies such as ICR/AI/ML.

To find out more attend Blue Prism World, where you’ll learn about the company’s vision, upcoming product enhancements, and hear from customers that have transformed their organizations into connected entrepreneur enterprises with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA. The Blue Prism World events represent the largest RPA forum on the planet offering up unprecedented networking opportunities for attendees.

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