A Smarter, More Powerful Digital Workforce

Operational agility leads to improved productivity and engaging customer experiences. The variety of AI capabilities needed to truly be agile are now delivered through Blue Prism Digital Workers in the form of six Intelligent Automation Skills.


Building Smarter Robots – an Intelligent, Connected and Easy-to-Control Digital Workforce

We’ve changed the game by introducing six Intelligent Automation Skills that deliver meaningful, plug and play AI capabilities right into the core make-up of our Digital Workforce Platform.

The democratization of AI technology is essential for your company to stay competitive in an ever-advancing era of business technology.

Our Digital Workforce Platform puts best-of-breed AI capabilities into the hands of leaders in every area of your business, so they can truly differentiate your customer experience and enhance your competitive edge.

Our Vision

Our Digital Workforce is Intelligent with six digital, intelligent automation skills to transform the way your organization uses technology to drive business value.

Our Digital Workforce is Connected to your systems of record, staff, processes and other technologies through an ecosystem of partners that can instantly execute your choice of AI, Machine Learning, Analytics, OCR & more through open APIs.

Our Digital Workforce is Easy to Control and puts powerful Intelligent Automation, as well as AI capabilities, right into the hands of your business leaders who can use it to instantly scale digital workers on-demand, as needed, while maintaining absolute security and compliance.

Blue Prism’s Vision for Intelligent Automation

The speed at which digitization and automation are occurring across every industry has truly disrupted conventional competitive go to market strategies – meaning businesses, like yours, must now operate even smarter, and even faster just to keep up with the competition.

Automation alone is not enough. It takes a foundation of Intelligent Automation upon which cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Sentiment Analysis can be built.

And it takes an intelligent, connected and easy to control Digital Workforce, endowed with cognitive Intelligent Automation Skills to drive real growth in today’s automated marketplace.

Six Skills Infographic

Intelligent Automation Skills

Blue Prism Digital Workers have Intelligent Automation Skills that make it easier than ever for organizations to leverage technologies that deliver true operational agility.

These Intelligent Automation skills are supported by easy-to-use plug-and-play AI connectivity, delivered through open APIs between Blue Prism and the latest best-of-breed technologies available.

Each skill is easy to apply to Blue Prism-built automated processes and will enhance your ability to meaningfully respond to business and market needs in real time.

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Knowledge & Insight

Knowledge and Insight

The ability to harvest information from different data sources, understand it and deliver helpful insights.

Visual Perception

Visual Perception

The ability to read, understand and contextualize visual information digitally.



The ability to adapt to evolving process patterns and derive contextual meaning from datasets.

Planning and Sequencing

Planning And Sequencing

The ability to optimize workloads and discover opportunities that yield better business outcomes.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

The ability to solve logic, business, and system problems without human intervention.



The ability to work alongside people, within the same systems, to seamlessly execute business processes.

Introducing the Digital Workforce of the Future

Blue Prism’s vision is to create a productive, adaptable, scalable and secure Digital Workforce that drives a digital transformation across the enterprise in the form of Intelligent Automation.

These Digital Workers can collaborate in real time with human colleagues to efficiently and cost-effectively execute mission-critical business applications.

We believe that when business leaders are empowered with easy-to-control access to powerful technologies, operations become agile and businesses can respond intelligently on-demand to fluctuating demands—improving productivity, increasing top line revenue and driving bottom line savings.

Build a Sustainable and Intelligent Foundation for RPA-enabled Artificial Intelligence

The best way to ensure the foundation of technology you build today will support and enable your company’s technology-driven goals of tomorrow, is to first build a foundation that is sustainable. The RPA platform you choose should be able to facilitate seamless and secure connection between new and legacy technologies, processes, and the people who manage them, today and in the future.

Future Proof White Paper