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Scale your business operations with Blue Prism RPA and the Digital Workforce

Scaling your business operations has never been easier. Robotic Process Automation, invented by Blue Prism, allows you to allocate everyday tasks to your Digital Workforce so you can have immediate increased capacity and your teams can focus on strategic goals.

With our code-free RPA, deployed using a Robotic Operating Model, businesses can scale efficiently, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and augment their talent to take on new responsibilities, boosting employee engagement. The power of RPA combined with the Robotic Operating Model, is evidenced in over 1000 enterprises around the world who we are proud to call our customers. Learn why Blue Prism has a 100% renewal rate and how you can maximize RPA outcomes in your organization, at scale.

A smarter way to RPA

Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation software has helped companies respond to the demands of the business and customer base with ease. Through complex learnings and iterations, we’ve created a proven approach to successfully implementing and developing RPA into organizations, called our Robotic Operating Model. Chief Customer Officer Neil Wright explains the end-to-end strategy behind — and benefits of — this model.

Blue Prism’s overall satisfaction rate*

Why? Our RPA software is easily scalable and is designed from the start as a platform approach to fit wider enterprise systems. This leads to greater success in the deployment cycle.

*Robotic Process Automation Executive Research Report, 2018

7 Foundations of the Robotic Operating Model

Our proprietary Robotic Operating Model outlines standards, principles and templates that reinforce the implementation of Robotic Process Automation in an organization. This proven strategy is built on seven foundations we’ve identified as essential to a successful RPA roll-out.

Blue Prism’s Approach to RPA: Our Key Benefits

The use and application of the Robotic Operating Model has been the main driver of my program success. This model has helped us identify the right opportunities to leverage Robotic Process Automation across our organization, set a structured methodology that can be easily followed and applicable to different business units and most importantly it has helped us improve our business results."
Sr. Director Engineering & Automation

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