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Whatever type of Blue Prism Partner you are, you have access to the world’s most powerful and scalable Digital Workforce. Blue Prism enables you to unlock greater opportunities and generate new services revenue, financial rewards and a wide range of resources to help build and strengthen your connected - RPA proposition to market.

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All Authorized Training Partners and Certified Blue Prism Delivery Partners are authorized to provide Blue Prism developer training. Offerings are delivered via a blend of standard Blue Prism training courses and their own additionally developed courses and modules.

Authorized Training Partners are unique in that they make their training courses openly available, whereas Certified Delivery Partners focus on providing the training solely to their client base as part their client enablement program, which covers all competencies within the delivery lifecycle such as Process Controller and Process Analyst.
日商エレクトロニクスは、Blue Prism認定トレーニングパートナーとして、受講者のレベルに応じたトレーニングを提供します。以下のよりお好きなコースをご選択いただくことが可能です。 ① 無償体験コース まずは触ってみたいという方を対象に、概念の理解と操作のイメージを体感いただくコースです。 ② 入門コース 未経験者を対象としたコースです。 BluePrism専用環境を用いてプロセスやオブジェクト...
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RPA利用者の、RPA利用者による、RPA利用者のための教育研修。 様々なRPA導入を成功に導いてきた経験者が、導入時の見えざる障壁を先回りして解決できる教育コンテンツを作成し、提供しております。RPAの投資対効果を最大化するためには、いかに開発運用を内製化するかが重要です。本トレーニングによってメンバー育成・体制立上げを素早く行い*、大幅な時間節約が可能です (*一般的に2~3ヵ月のところ、研修...

Technology Partners

The Blue Prism Technical Alliances Program (TAP) is designed to assist our Partners in expanding their base of customers and prospects through enhanced offerings. By partnering with Blue Prism you can enjoy: accelerated product development, expanded market awareness, and an increase in sales of your complementary products.

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Partners And Aliances

Alliances & Resellers

A growing community of organizations dedicated to delivering the best possible skills and expertise, raising the cross-industry benchmark for quality.

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Cloud Partners

Our deep technical alliances with valued Cloud Partners give enterprises more choices – as well as secure gateway to the world’s most powerful and scalable Digital Workforce.

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Blue Prism Japan | Training Partners