Everything you need to build an enterprise-grade digital workforce in one platform.


What is Intelligent Automation?

Blue Prism is intelligent automation — business-developed, no-code automation that pushes the boundaries of robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver value across any business process in a connected enterprise.

A combination of RPA with expanded cognitive and AI capabilities, Blue Prism is different to other automation technology on the market. With one Blue Prism license, you gain instant access to an already AI equipped digital workforce, along with the tools you need to build and delegate automations.

Design Studio

  • Drag-and-drop process automation building
  • Reuse “objects”—the events and actions that build a process—across the business
  • Updates to objects and processes are made once and saved throughout the library

Digital Workforce

Control Room

  • Assign processes to digital workers
  • Scale task and digital worker volume on-demand
  • Real-time transparency of process proficiencies

Greater scalability

  • NEW digital worker architecture
  • A secure digital workforce that scales easily & readily
  • Faster performance of Control Room

Greater extensibility

  • NEW Control Room REST APIs
  • Drives a complementary technology ecosystem
  • Plug-in innovation

Greater usability

  • NEW browser-based Control Room
  • Dashboards deliver improved user experience
  • Immediate access to the health of the digital workforce

Smart. Secure. Scalable. Successful.


Our digital workers are trainable with cognitive and AI capabilities. Plus, they’re easily enhanced with leading third-party automation technologies and capabilities from our trusted Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX).


We partner with top-tier security technologies to guarantee system integrity with strict user-access controls, multi-level change approvals, and a segregated interference-free processing environment. Our RPA software also automatically logs every action taken within the system to provide irrefutable audit trails you can depend on.


Blue Prism is flexible enough to grow with your business and change as market demands and fluctuations impact your business.


With one of the fastest speeds-to-value, greatest ROIs, and lowest TCOs in the industry, we’re certain Blue Prism’s digital workforce can deliver the success you’re looking for.

Intelligent automation doesn’t stop there...

We offer an entire suite of products, features, and solutions specifically designed to help you automate…intelligently.


変化の激しい時代においては、人・システムに加え、第3の労働力であるデジタルワーカーを大規模に活用し、しなやかで柔軟な組織を創り上げることが必要です。デジタル化の流れが加速する中で組織はデジタルワーカーを活用し、バックオフィス業務からお客様対応まであらゆる業務を自動化していきます。Blue Prismが提供するインテリジェントなデジタルワーカーは、汎用性・自律性そしてセキュリティを兼備え、人と同じように時代に合わせて新しいスキルを身につけていきます。Blue Prismはビジネスのオペレーティングシステムとなり、オンプレミス・クラウド・マネージドサービスなど、ビジネスニーズに合わせた展開の選択肢を提供します。デジタルワーカーの導入は業務に対するより多くの洞察と統制そして創造的な業務に取り組む時間を提供し、人と組織の可能性を最大化します。Blue Prismと未来を創造しましょう。

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