ATB Financial is optimizing customer service with Intelligent Automation

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ATB Financial is leveraging the Blue Prism’s connected-RPA (Robotic Process Automation ) platform to drive increased customer loyalty, generate multi-milliondollar efficiency savings - and deliver major resource capacity back to the business.

ATB Financial is the largest Alberta-based financial institution, with assets of more than $51.9 billion and a team of 5,300 helping more than 753,000 customers in 244 Alberta communities. ATB prides itself on being a great place to work - and in 2017, was named one of Aon’s Best Employers in Canada.

Operating in a rapidly changing and highly regulated market, ATB wants to maintain its competitive advantage by swiftly embracing the digital revolution that’s enveloping financial services. To achieve this goal, the company looked to build upon two clear areas of differentiation—an outstanding culture that serves its customers, and having the tools, technology, and processes to optimize operations.

This journey, led by Dan Semmens, managing director of transformation - process automation at ATB Financial, started in 2016 with a twofold focus on improving the customer experience – while also enhancing operational efficiencies. This involved significantly re-designing, simplifying and improving processes - using connected-RPA as a key catalyst to achieve these goals.

Topics covered:

  • How ATB is maintaining competitive advantage via innovation
  • How they are selecting their processes to automate
  • Why ATB Financial chose Blue Prism as their RPA-vendor of choice
  • How their Digital Workforce is evolving with the growth of Intelligent Automation
  • How ATB Financial used this opportunity to jump start new careers internally
  • The business impact of the Digital Workforce at ATB Financial

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