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Blue Prism delivers seamless integration with NPfIT Patient Administration System to help UHB create the first ever NHS Trust patient self-administration kiosks.

The new hospital design assumed efficiencies through centralised functions backed via technology innovation. The challenge therefore, to build self registration systems to handle large volumes of “patient flows”, was taken up by Steve Chilton, UHB’ s Deputy Director of IT Services.


  • First ever patient self-administration kiosk in a NHS Trust Hospital using the National Program of IT (NPfIT) patient Administration System (PAS)
  • 50% Improvement in staff efficiency
  • 51% of patients registering with self registration kiosk
  • High satisfaction ratings from patients: No queuing, fast and easy to understand self registration process
  • Patient flow now faster – Twice as fast for self registration versus traditional reception approach
  • Rapid system integration with NPfIT Patient Administration Systems (PAS)
  • Adherence to the NPfIT security policy and IT Standards
  • Improvement in data quality on PAS system
  • Implementation completed in less than 3 months

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