Panel: The Future of Intelligent Automation with ABBYY, Appian, Expert System and TimelinePI

Listen in on a panel discussion between Bart Peluso, Global Head of Product Marketing at Blue Prism and executives from ABBYY, Expert System, TimelinePI and Appian. The group discusses challenges faced by organizations when automating and how each company works with Blue Prism to solve these complex challenges. Our panelists are:

  • Bart Peluso, Global Head of Product Marketing, Blue Prism in conversation with Bill Galusha, Director of Product Management, ABBYY
  • Bryan Bell, EVP of New Market Development, Expert System
  • Joseph Rayfield, EVP of Sales & Business Development, TimelinePI
  • Dominic Im, Regional Sales Director, Appian

This video is a highlight from the presentation delivered during our Blue Prism Pulse RPA Customer Community event in Chicago in October 2018. Through our leading Robotic Process Automation software, Blue Prism is delivering the world’s most successful Digital Workforce to industry leading companies in your area.

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