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<h2>RPA in the insurance industry: lessons learned &amp; best practices</h2> <p>Insurance companies have an opportunity to leapfrog generations of technology advancements and are driving end to end transformation impacting customer experience through back-end processes such as claims-processing, underwriting and providing policy quotes. Today, more and more businesses have turned to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and a Digital Workforce to help streamline their processes in order to remain competitive while being able to delight their customers thanks to fast turnaround times and accurate information.<br />In this “Insurance Industry” special episode of our Blue Prism Café, we will be welcoming guests from Credit Union National Associate (CUNA) and New York Life Insurance Company for a conversation around “why” and “how” to implement a Digital Workforce, and more importantly what best practices our guests can share to make RPA a long-term and scalable solution for your business, regardless of the industry.</p> <p><strong>Key takeaways will include:</strong><br />• Specificities of the insurance industry for implementing RPA<br />• Real-life examples of implemented processes across various lines of businesses and their results<br />• Best practices and lessons learned from launching and scaling a Digital Workforce</p>



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Blue Prism、2019年度Artificial Intelligence (AI) Breakthrough Awardを受賞

2019年度のAI Breakthrough Awardsプログラムで2年連続「Best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Company」の称号を受ける

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メンテナンス性、安定性、堅牢性に優れたBlue Prismを採用し、CoE 方式で、3000 業務、45万時間の削減を目標に、RPAの全社展開に役立てる

メンテナンス性、安定性、堅牢性に優れたBlue Prismを採用し、CoE 方式で、3000 業務、45万時間の削減を目標に、RPAの全社展開に役立てる