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Deliver differentiated customer experiences with our business-led, easy-to-control Digital Workforce Platform designed to meet the compliance need of financial services.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing operational leaders with access to automation and AI technologies that will empower them to bring amazing outcomes to life. Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce automates many of the processes that hold financial organizations back. With world-class security, comprehensive audit trails and non-repudiation, Blue Prism is designed to meet the strict security and compliance needs of the financial services industry.

Implement automated processes that can process loan applications and insurance claims much faster and through the customers’ preferred digital channels. You’ll also reduce departmental operational costs and drive employees to focus on high-value work.

"With the previous manual system, the average audit would take several hours to complete and a large audit could take several days. With Blue Prism software, these now take around one minute and 30 minutes respectively."
Joanne Masters Business Systems Manager, The Co-operative bank

Loan Applications

Digital Workers automate the review and approval of loan applications. Your customers get 24/7 access to applications and real-time answers to their financial questions. Your financial institution will also be able to process more applications and therefore generate more revenue.

Claim Submission

Digital Workers can accept and review insurance claims submissions 24/7. Your claims teams will be able to process more claims in a shorter time frame yielding high productivity rates, lower operational costs and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Account Opening

Process more account openings when Digital Workers mange the process for you. Customers can request and receive approvals for new checking, saving and other types of accounts 24/7 and your staff can focus on more engaging and high-value work.

Applications for Coverage

Process more insurance coverage applications with Blue Prism. Intelligent Digital Workers scan applications for pre-set criteria and, in a fraction of the time it takes a human, can initiate coverage approval and customer onboarding.

More Ways RPA Drives Financial Services Success

Banking and Insurance companies are using RPA to securely automate and differentiate customer experiences.

Discover more of the ways Financial Services enterprises like yours are using Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce to securely improve customer service and satisfaction rates, drive out waste and generate more revenue. Browse our resources to learn more.


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Blue Prism、Digital Exchangeを発表 使いやすいインテリジェントオートメーションスキルを提供するマーケットプレイスによってベスト オブ ブリードのテクノロジーが利用可能に


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Blue Prism、新しいアフィリエイトテクノロジーアライアンスパートナーシップにより、インテリジェントオートメーション機能をさらに拡充

K2、Loop AI Labs、re:Infer、RossumがBlue Prismの技術提携プログラムおよびパートナーエコシステムに参加、業界で最も幅広く革新的なインテリジェントオートメーションを実現

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Blue Prism、単一の環境で複数の事業部門にわたり、デジタルワーカーをセキュアに導入できる初のRPAプラットフォームを発表

マルチチーム環境とGoogle Chromeのネイティブサポートを提供する新機能によりデジタルトランスフォーメーションを加速