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Shaping the Future of Work with Leading Educational Partners Building RPA Automations at a Global Scale

Blue Prism’s Global Academia Program puts RPA software, along with comprehensive educational and training materials, into the hands of students at higher education institutions.

To help prepare future business and IT leaders to meet the growing demand for cognitive automation and RPA knowledge in the workplace, Blue Prism is sharing our technology with a growing network of educational partners. Students at partnering schools, such as The University of Manchester, now have access to Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce Platform and are able to build robotic process automations at a global scale right in the classroom.

It is very commendable of Blue Prism to make this proven RPA technology freely available to the world’s academic institutions. The company is seeding the next generation of innovators, disruptors and digital business leaders.”
Leslie Willcocks London School of Economics and Political Science

Self-Learning Course

Universities have the option to offer self-guided RPA learning opportunities, classes and courses to their students in lieu of incorporating RPA into the standard course curriculum.

Classroom Program

Higher learning institutions that want to provide in-depth RPA training and learning opportunities for students may choose a classroom program approach where the learnings of RPA are built into teaching plans and course curriculums.

Want to Become an Academia Partner?

Once accepted, you will receive access to the Blue Prism RPA platform, an annual educational software license and a Blue Prism Autonomous Training Kit (ATK), which contains a guide that outlines course deployment options and how to embed our developer training into your curriculum.

During this period, you can evaluate the software, decide how to structure and deliver the course, and consider the distribution and support options. If you then wish to proceed you will receive an annual Education license for your institution.



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