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A Digital Workforce Dedicated to Improving Patient Care, Clinical Data Accuracy and HealthCare Services

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Blue Prism Digital Workforce makes Healthcare and Life Sciences efficient, patient centric, and more agile than ever before.

From appointment setting to patient registration, employee HR services, and clinical trial management, secure data collection is the name of the game for efficiency in healthcare and life sciences.

"Blue Prism has proven to be fundamental in enabling us to improve patient service, reduce operational cost and speed up key processes without compromising accuracy. We are committed to using Blue Prism and would strongly recommend it to other organizations faced with significant, costly and time-consuming processes that are ripe for automation."
Steve Chilton Director of IT Services, University Hospitals Birmingham, NHS Trust

Accurate Data Processing

Blue Prism Digital Workers ‘read’ captured patient information and share the data with a user interface to update each patient record accurately and consistently in an ongoing basis.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

By avoiding unnecessary mundane rules based data entry processing staff can focus more time on patient care.

Up to Date Patient Communications

Digital Workers access relevant data in the patient portal on a daily basis providing relevant information via SMS or other various means of communication.

Improved (eTMF) Management

Using a Blue Prism Digital Workforce to replace manual data entry and document uploading for clinical trials into the electronic trial master file (eTMF) can result in significant time and money savings.

Pharmacy Stock Management

Digital Workers complete the manual task of updating the stock control system on a daily basis by reading the ordered stock quantities and logging into the Pharmacy stock control system as a user to update all the relevant stock entries.

Achieving Regulatory and Audit Compliance

Wether it's the need for payment transparency, billing accuracy or any other risk mitigation activity, a Blue Prism Digital Workforce reduces time-consuming manual tasks and enables fast information anaysis and effective risk-related reporting.

The healthcare industry, like most today, relies heavily on data and it’s very sensitive, personal patient information in multiple systems.

Interoperability, security and a full audit trail are just some of the reasons why the Blue Prism Digital Workforce is the right solution for healthcare and Life Sciences. So in order for healthcare to ensure high-quality patient care, digital transformation must take place. Staff needs to have time to deliver the best quality of care and services and not waste it on mundane tasks. A Blue Prism Digital Workforce can help free up staff time and is proven to increase job satisfaction and aid staff retention. Our user-friendly functionality, mature and proven implementation methodology and enterprise strength scalability means that hospitals, labs, pharmacies and a variety of healthcare and life sciences organizations can experience a fast ROI and great efficient just like their commercial sector counterparts who use Blue Prism.


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Blue Prism、Digital Exchangeを発表 使いやすいインテリジェントオートメーションスキルを提供するマーケットプレイスによってベスト オブ ブリードのテクノロジーが利用可能に


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Blue Prism、新しいアフィリエイトテクノロジーアライアンスパートナーシップにより、インテリジェントオートメーション機能をさらに拡充

K2、Loop AI Labs、re:Infer、RossumがBlue Prismの技術提携プログラムおよびパートナーエコシステムに参加、業界で最も幅広く革新的なインテリジェントオートメーションを実現

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Blue Prism、単一の環境で複数の事業部門にわたり、デジタルワーカーをセキュアに導入できる初のRPAプラットフォームを発表

マルチチーム環境とGoogle Chromeのネイティブサポートを提供する新機能によりデジタルトランスフォーメーションを加速