Customer Marketing Manager

Marketing   |  Warrington/London (UK)

Job overview:

This position is part of an emerging marketing field that is becoming a strategic necessity at customer-focused companies to help brands gain a competitive edge. In this role, your focus will be to delight and engage customers, build strong relationships with customers through engaging marketing campaigns and build a community of fanatic brand advocates. This position directly benefits the Blue Prism sales and marketing teams by increasing customer advocacy (including referrals, testimonials, references, etc.), and increasing loyalty and retention. This position requires creative marketing and communication skills to engage and motivate customer advocates. If you are an effective communicator who acts as a liaison between customers and the rest of the organization, this may be the role for you. You will need to be able to work independently, collaborate with other departments to create an incredible customer experience and reach business goals. This role reports to the VP of Customer Experience.

Job Responsibilities:

Knowledge & previous experience: