Consultant, Partner Integrations for Digital Exchange, Americas

Sales   |  Americas (Austin, NY Preferred)

Your Opportunity:

Blue Prism is a software development company evolving to a network integrator by extending our Blue Prism platform with a Digital Exchange designed to engage providers and consumers of the “skills” required to maximize the value of a digital workforce. These skills are typically AI/ML/Cognitive ISV developed applications and/or objects that can be easily embedded into the digital worker’s set of activities that enable customers to drive to a broader and more complete set of business outcomes via the Digital Workforce they employ. You will work closely with Blue Prism’s R&D, Product Management and Professional Services team to understand the evolution plan for the Digital Exchange. You will also work closely with customers/prospects/partners (the consumers) and partners/customers and community developers (the producers) of content to ensure an ever-engaging set of assets are made available through the Digital Exchange. These assets will be driven by the evolving ways enterprises choose to leverage a digital workforce for their business and the evolving technologies brought to market by the most innovative application and cloud development companies and developers in the industry. The team will proactively support the set of partners and customer / community developers to develop new assets and drive them to the Digital Exchange on a regular cadence with speed to market and quality as well as innovative skills as the driver for all activities.

Our Ideal Candidate:

• Has both business process and technical capabilities, has developed integrated customer business outcome driven solutions and leveraged hands-on logic and programming capabilities to do so
• Has engaged with a marketplace and the developer program supporting the partners and customer / community developers that contribute assets to the marketplace
• Has exposure to the AI/ML/Cognitive market and key technology players who will be instrumental in continuing to drive key skills to the RPA / Intelligent Automation market
• Has an understanding of eCommerce and the market dynamics critical for software companies that are both distributing assets and driving financial growth via an eCommerce platform
• Has both a commercial and technical background and has been involved with the implementation and/or management of developer programs and/or projects requiring 3rd party integrations / developers; understands the nature of systems integrations required in solution environments
• Has strong program management skills and knows how to motivate partners and/or developers that we do not have direct control over
• Prior programming experience in .NET (C# or VB.NET)
• Prior experience working with and developing REST-ful interfaces
• Prior experience with cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform is a bonus
• Prior experience with an RPA platform (ex. Blue Prism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, etc) is a bonus
• Excited about driving a fast moving, accelerated growth program for a company in a high growth evolving market
• Appreciates the unique business practice and cultural differences of regional markets
• Able to work well in a global team
• Strategic and technical thinker; ability to research / investigate options and drive to recommendations
• Great people skills
• Self-motivated, results orientated, proactive and reliable
• High-energy, shows passion and commitment
• Excellent understanding of complex solution integration
• Excellent communicator both written and verbally; strong presentation skills
• Inquisitive and tenacious with the ability to find new opportunities
• Ability to work in a high pressure, fast moving and challenging environment
• Credible at executive and operational level
• Willingness to travel

Your Responsibilities:

• Development of key skills for the digital workforce created by 3rd party developers, partners and customers.
• Partner with Blue Prism R&D and Product Management to develop and execute the process for developing assets to be leveraged in Digital Exchange as an extension to the Blue Prism platform; Make recommendations to evolve those processes through direct engagement with partners and developers in the community
• Engage the Technology Alliance Partner team to both recruit and engage companies that develop key skills that add value to the digital workforce. Provide “on the ground” knowledge about what partners are investing in and enterprise customers need
• Engage the Sales and Partner teams to prioritize and engage customers, prospects, partners and community developers to accelerate their ability to successfully create digital worker skills for both the providers and consumers of assets
• Promote the Digital Exchange in the marketplace, e.g. events, customer and partner forums, etc.
• Engage Blue Prism leadership, industry leaders and peer companies to promote the value of the Digital Exchange as an extension of Blue Prism’s platform