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About Blue Prism

Blue Prism is an international publicly listed software company headquartered in the UK, with global offices in London, USA, Japan, Australia and India. It is undergoing rapid expansion and is the market leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) globally.

Since its listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM market in early 2016, it has grown its customer base more than threefold with sales revenue, employee headcount and other business metrics also growing at an exciting rate.

Blue Prism operates a 100% indirect sales model, meaning that all deals are transacted through reseller partners, who range from global Systems Integrators such as Accenture, Deloitte, EY and IBM down to smaller, geographically specific, advisory and implementation partners.

About Robotic Process Automation

As the pioneer, innovator and market leader in RPA, Blue Prism delivers the world’s most successful Digital Workforce. The company’s software robots automate transactions and improve operational efficiencies while meeting the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, where security, compliance and scalability are paramount. Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies and has emerged as the trusted and secure RPA platform of choice for the Fortune 500.

Your Opportunity:

Blue Prism is a software development company evolving to a network integrator by extending our Blue Prism platform with a Digital Exchange designed to engage providers and consumers of the “skills” required to maximize the value of a digital workforce.

These skills are typically AI/ML/Cognitive ISV developed applications and/or objects that can be easily embedded into the digital worker’s set of activities that enable customers to drive to a broader and more complete set of business outcomes via the Digital Workforce they employ.

You will work closely with Blue Prism’s R&D, Product Management and Professional Services team to understand the evolution plan for the Digital Exchange. You will also work closely with customers/prospects/partners (the consumers) and partners/customers and community developers (the producers) of content to ensure an ever-engaging set of assets are made available through the Digital Exchange.

These assets will be driven by the evolving ways enterprises choose to leverage a digital workforce for their business and the evolving technologies brought to market by the most innovative application and cloud development companies and developers in the industry. The team will proactively support the set of partners and customer / community developers to develop new assets and drive them to the Digital Exchange on a regular cadence with speed to market and quality as well as innovative skills as the driver for all activities.

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