Head of Business Development, AMERICAS

Marketing   |  New York, New York

Your Opportunity

A truly exciting opportunity to help build and manage a team of BDRs in New York. As the Global Business Development department is still very much in its infancy, you will have a real prospect of influencing the strategy of what will be a world class team. Strategic, out of the box, creative thinking highly welcomed in this role as we constantly search for innovative ways of generating qualified sales opportunities. You will manage a team of 6 already in situ but will be asked to recruit 2 or 3 new people. A rare chance to join the management team of a brand new department in a world class enterprise software company. The sky’s the Limit!

Our Ideal Candidate

Quote from Alastair Bathgate, CEO Blue Prism - Smart - quick learner, Flexible in a fluid environment, Self-starter – not wait for something to happen, make something happen.


Your Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the 6 people BDR Team in New York, growing to 9 or 10 people to cover LATAM too
  • Responsible for BDR management, training & development
  • Tracking & reporting figures to Director of Worldwide Business Development
  • Work with Sales Directors to ensure Business Development, Sales & Field Marketing are aligned
  • Assist Director of Worldwide Business Development with recruitment & onboarding
  • Assist Director of Worldwide Business Development with Business Development process & strategy
  • Monthly 1:1’s with team members (target setting, planning, training & career progression)
  • Weekly team meetings with target tracking and campaign management
  • Assist BDRs with Salesloft campaign building and messaging
  • Assist BDRs with Discovery calls
  • Assist BDRs with Vidyard messaging and best practice
  • Assist BDRs with setting up Linkedin Sales Navigator searches and best practice

Event Management:

  • Work with Field Marketing on all events ensure BD team & Sales are engaged
  • Organize which BDR will be attending which event across AMERICAS
  • Confirm BDR’s have campaigns to reach out to attendee lists prior to events
  • Ensuring CRM is fully updated so ROI analysis can be accurate

Dimensions to your role

  • 6 direct reports growing to 9-10
  • Internal and external stakeholders
  • Size of organization, number of direct reports, functions, and roles
  • Geographical accountability/regions/countries/functions

· Revenue/cost/P&L/budget responsibility

Your Competencies & Skills

List core 8 – 12 core competencies considered key to success in the role and where possible detail expected behaviors against those competencies

· A creative thinker

· A hunger to constantly test, review and improve strategies

· A good overall knowledge of how different types of businesses operate

· Committed to being present in the office 90% of the time

· A constant learning. Never want to stop improving.

· Compassionate people skills

· A thought leader in BDR/SDR current trends, best practices, and strategies

· A desire to be different and stand out from the crowd

· Naturally motivating

· Results oriented but not obsessed. Must understand quality over quantity

Your Experience (commercial, technical, product, industry, functional)

· Managing a team of SDRs/BDRs/ADRs/ISRs

· Proficient with Salesforce.com

· Proficient with Linkedin Sales Navigator searching

· Proficient with a sales engagement tool such as Salesloft, Outreach or insidesales.com

· Experiencing working for a software/platform company, ideally SaaS

· 3 years of BDR experience

· 1 year BDR management experience

Job Requirements

· Based in NY Office