Why Blue Prism?

Automation and Connected-RPA that frees up your people to create, build and innovate.



Digital workers automate your key operational processes
  • A Digital Workforce that works around the clock
  • Increased productivity and cost through automation
  • Superior accuracy and quality of end data


Connected-RPA opens up a whole new world of solutions
  • Digitize paperwork, forms and documents
  • Add cognitive abilities via artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Connect to the Internet of Things (IoT)


Automation frees up time for your people to innovate.
  • Cut out the time spent on admin and data entry
  • Give your people more time to create and innovate
  • Give your organization a competitive edge

The Blue Prism Difference

We give your digital-savvy employees – the makers – the power to create and innovate. Our Connected-RPA provides the flexible tools, digital solutions and business-led automation they need, all delivered in an IT-endorsed and controlled environment.

With access to a self-learning Digital Workforce that continuously evolves and improves, your makers have the ability to automate billions of transactions – upping productivity and returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back into the business.

Free up your people to create, build and share their innovations.


How Blue Prism Has Helped Jaguar Land Rover

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Changing the Way You Work

Eliminate the mundane

So why not automate the mundane tasks and focus on the important stuff?

Blue Prism’s the answer.

Start the day with coffee

Use RPA to automate your admin and begin the day with your to-do list done.

Your 24/7 digital helper.

Want more time to create?

Blue Prism helps you automate the energy-zapping tasks with Connected-RPA

Start to truly innovate!

Growing a Blue Prism Ecosystem

We connect your people to one of the industry’s largest partner ecosystems and to our Digital Exchange app store.

With Blue Prism, the transformative power of automation is at your fingertips, allowing you to grasp the full potential of digital.

The end result is a connected entrepreneurial digital enterprise: your organization keeps pace with changing market demands, embraces its competitive edge and closes the gap – enabling you to lead from the front.

Why Choose Blue Prism?

Blue Prism’s enterprise RPA products help you grow your business at pace, by delivering a Digital Workforce that’s scalable, available 24/7 and based in our own data centre – these aren’t desktop products, they’re digital workers that are connected across your entire network.

Connected-RPA from Blue Prism gives you the capabilities you need to scale up and grow, bringing you a Digital Workforce that builds your future, one process at a time.


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Show and Tell: Discover Blue Prism v6.5

Join us on April 25th for a preview of find out what is coming with Blue Prism’s v6.5.

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Blue Prism、オラクルと金融サービス業界向けコンプライアンス・プラットフォームの 自動化と最新化で協業




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