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How large is your contact center?

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Medium (250 - 1,000 agents)
Large (> 1,000 agents)

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On average, how many calls are made each day in your contact center?

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10,000 - 50,000
50,001 - 100,000
> 100,000

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On average, how many applications do agents need to access each day?

< 5
5 - 10
11 - 20
> 20

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What operational KPIs are you looking to improve in your contact center?

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Reduce call handling time
Improve agent experience
Increase containment/deflection
Reduce attrition

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What are the main goals?

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Reduce cost
Increase customer satisfaction
Manage growth
Increase revenue per customer

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Tips based on your answers

Reduce call handling time

With Blue Prism’s Service Assist contact center solution, a 360 degree overview of the customer is presented to your agent when a call is connected, transforming the customer experience. Agents can view the most updated information in one place, make sound and strategic decisions, and pass the task back to the digital worker for completion.

Improve agent experience

With the simplified, dynamic web-based UI of the Service Assist call center solution, your agents can access multiple systems for faster access to customer data. Web-based means your agents have the flexibility to work from anywhere and by automating After Call Work (ACW), agent time is freed up for training.

Increase containment/deflection

Combine your chatbots with Service Assist and Blue Prism’s intelligent automation to increase containment by 30%. Digital workers connect the dots with your AI powered virtual interfaces.

Reduce attrition

With Service Assist, customer service engagement can be streamlined, automating routine and repetitive tasks, making your agent jobs more appealing to new-generation human workers. A more challenging and stimulating work environment leads to greater overall agent job satisfaction and, by extension, a reduction in your agent turnover.

Reduce costs

RPA intelligent automation delivers an unmatched return on investment (ROI). Digital workers are not desktop based. There are no proportional cost increases related to the number of agents. When the front-office load is light, digital workers can be re-assigned to support back-office processing.

Increase customer satisfaction

Maximize human and digital capital across channels for more efficiency, visibility and speed. Deliver personalized customer care with digital workers that pull together information from various systems and databases in seconds and provide it directly to the customer or to an agent.

Manage growth

Service Assist delivers a swarm capability where many digital workers can tackle a single task. With it’s proactive and conversational AI platform, it resolves requests in the background before, during or after the call. Service Assist can help your agents quickly pivot to meet customer demand!

Increase revenue per customer

Create a genuine connection with your customers with the help of an RPA digital workforce. Not only can your digital workers access personalized advice based on past customer actions and information from different systems, they can also use advanced AI skills to predict and anticipate customer actions with pre-built, downloadable integrations from the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

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