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Blue Prism Software Robots Offshore Workers

Will software robots give offshore workers the boot?

BOSTON – Robert L. Mitchell of Computerworld Blogs after meeting with Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism on how software robots are the “Next Big Thing”. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a robot as “a real or imaginary machine that

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Blue Prism Customers Meet to Discuss Empowered Business Technology

Haydock Racecourse Blue Prism (the operational agility software company) hosted a Blue Prism customer meeting to discuss the latest trends in Empowered Business Technology. Cutomers attending included senior represtantives in business operations and IT functions from The Co-operative Financial Services,

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Blue Prism at the Forrester Research IT Forum EMEA – Barcelona

Accelerate at the Intersection of Business and Technology Forrester Research have identified a “mega trend” which they call Empowered Business Technology. This forum explored the multi-facets of EBT and how IT organisations are developing new approaches to support the business

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Blue Prism and E.Novation UK to partner on new opportunities for healthcare systems integration

Blue Prism, the leading provider of operational agility software and healthcare integration specialist E.Novation UK have announced a new commercial partnership arrangement which will focus on supporting the UK and Irish healthcare markets to achieve greater levels of systems integration and process automation.

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Blue Prism announces release of Blue Prism V4.0 Operational Agility Software

Blue Prism, the leading provider of operational agility software, today announced the release of Blue Prism V4.0. The latest version of the Blue Prism software platform includes a number of major enhancements and new functionally which provides even more capabilities

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Blue Prism Underpins RWE npower’s Process Improvement Program

Case Study outlining programme for Cost Savings and Efficiency Improvement Blue Prism announced today the release of a case study for the RWE npower process improvement programme, a continual process improvement program that commenced in the Autumn of 2010. Julie Jaglowski – Director of Retail Operations at RWE npower stated “Blue Prism exceeded

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CFS completes Excess Queue automation

 “The queue is now managed entirely by the Blue Prism solution requiring little human intervention and the project is well on its way to achieving all of our objectives” Manchester, UK: Co-operative Financial Services has completed a project to automate

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Survey – collaboration is the key to controlling ‘Rogue IT’

Budget and resource constraints and a focus on strategic projects inevitably lead to pockets of rogue behaviour, report 67% of IT managers surveyed. Manchester, UK: A strong governance model where collaboration between IT and the business is encouraged would help

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