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Prodapt Launches Telebots Framework for Communications & Digital Service Providers, Leveraging Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation Software

Prodapt Solutions, a leading provider of consulting, transformation, and outsourcing services to communications service providers (CSPs) and digital service providers (DSPs), entered into a strategic alliance with Blue Prism, a leading enterprise-class Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software provider, and launched

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Blue Prism Onshoring

Why RPA is a Catalyst for On-shoring

In a recent contribution to Professional Outsourcing, Blue Prism’s CEO Alastair Bathgate explores how robotic process automation is set to disrupt the outsourcing market by serving as a catalyst for on-shoring labor, presenting a lower cost alternative to off-shoring while

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Blue Prism Webinar

The Ultimate Robotic Automation Debate

Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate joined leading industry influencers in a recent HfS webinar to discuss how organizations can leverage robotic automation to strike the right balance for their finance, shared services and outsourcing strategies and create global operating models

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Blue Prism The Times

Times Outsourcing supplement – Future of Outsourcing

Published in today’s Times, Blue Prism are featured in the special supplement with commentary and analysis from leading journalists including Business Journalist of the Year Charles Orton-Jones, FT contributor Josh Sims, and HR expert Nick Martindale, the report highlights how the C-suite

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Blue Prism TCS

TCS to invest more in developing more software platforms

Livemint Positions Blue Prism as Disruptive Force to India’s BPO Industry Offering how Blue Prism’s software robots can perform tasks at one fourth the billing rate and only a fraction of the time that it would take a human worker

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Blue Prism IRPA

Launch of the Insitute of Robotic Process Automation – New York, USA

NEW YORK – The Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA), an independent professional association for buyers, providers, analysts and influencers of robotic process automation, announced the launch of its new venture and its Web site, www.irpanetwork.com. The network will serve as

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Blue Prism Welcome to Robotistan

Welcome to Robotistan – the antidote to zombieism – By Den Howlett

BOSTON – The writer, Den Howlett focuses on the piece of Phil Ferscht’s (HFS) argument that outsourcing organizations are headed toward a “zombie state,” killing themselves with boredom and repetition. Den Howlett goes on to explain how robotic automation is

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How will process automation impact the future of BPO?

Outsource has published the views of Duncan Chapman, a consultant at Source, on the challenges faced by BPO providers. He asserts that the market is moving towards process automation and highlights Blue Prism as a technology provider in this area.

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Greetings from Robotistan, outsourcing’s cheapest new destination

US analyst firm, HFS, have written a really interesting blog article about robotic automation: Outsourcing has always been about people, process and technology. Scratch that. It’s about process and technology, with people an optional extra.So without any further explanation of

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Robotic Automation Emerges as a Threat to Traditional Low-Cost Outsourcing

Horses for Sources Release Research Paper – Authored by James R. Slaby “Why outsource when you can automate? For most organizations, the answer is IT bureaucracy. Budget bottlenecks and IT’s ability to convolute any process improvement with massive waterfall technology implementations,

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