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Apr 5, 2017

Blue Prism Accelerates Access to AI and Cognitive Technologies with Operating System for the Digital Workforce

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Blue Prism Accelerates Access to AI and Cognitive Technologies with Operating System for the Digital Workforce

New Program Enables Technology Partners to Build out Best of Breed Capabilities on Industry Leading RPA Platform

Blue Prism, provider of the world’s most successful digital workforce, today announced a new Technology Alliance Program backed by industry heavyweights including Appian, Captricity, Celaton, Expert System, IBM and Minit. These partners will leverage Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to help enterprises build out best-of-breed solutions incorporating cutting edge cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The partners also help to underline Blue Prism’s position as the de facto standard for RPA, particularly in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecom and retail.

“Our customers are seeking best-of-breed software and service providers for AI, cognitive; OCR and ICR, workflow and mobile platforms. Having described and encapsulated their processes on our platform, they have the opportunity to deploy an ecosystem of technologies that work in concert, using Blue Prism robots to provide transaction execution and process automation services, much like an operating system,” explained Blue Prism Founder and Chief Technology Officer David Moss. “Our software robots are becoming the foundation for more than automation: they are becoming the cornerstone for building out the next generation of enterprise-grade applications.”

Blue Prism’s Operating System for the Digital Workforce not only encapsulates and automates manual processing but also enables organizations to leverage, integrate and more efficiently utilize IT resources, platforms and technologies. The software is designed to deliver a complete automation platform that can meet the highest requirement levels for audit, security and compliance while taking advantage of cloud and AI capabilities. This gives partners and users alike an automation platform that accelerates access to emerging technologies while delivering on all the key tenants of enterprise-class software.

By leveraging Blue Prism’s technology ecosystem, customers benefit from a cohesive, best-in-class automation platform to form the operating system for the digital enterprise and deliver enablement, execution and insight on a robust and extensible RPA platform. The ecosystem supports examples such as using text analytics to provide insight into a stream of unstructured data from an email source, or directly querying a machine learning model from a Blue Prism process, to provide predictive responses.

Alastair Bathgate, Blue Prism’s CEO, stated, “We have been working with the foremost transformation advisors and partners to deliver digital transformation programs to many of the world’s largest corporations in the most demanding operational environments. For example, more than half of the Global Fortune 500 companies in Banking and Insurance have embarked upon digital transformation journeys with Blue Prism as their core Enterprise RPA platform.”

Phil Fersht, CEO of HfS, the leading RPA and digital labor analysts firm, noted, “We see an enormous move towards fully digital enterprises, and customers are looking for best-of-breed solutions that can be integrated into one digital automation platform. Blue Prism and its partners are now offering this capability, and it will be fascinating to see just how the digital workforce will accelerate the digital enterprise.”

Partner Quotes

“With IBM’s deep industry expertise, a full-range of consult through operate solutions, and most importantly, by combining our market leading cognitive capabilities with traditional RPA, we are leading with cognitive process automation, the next generation of RPA to accelerate our clients’ digital transformations,” said Jesus Mantas, General Manager of Cognitive Process Transformation, IBM Global Business Services. “Cognitive process automation is improving the efficiency of IBM clients’ processes beyond automation. For example, in procurement, human resources and finance, we are seeing an increase in productivity of 40 to 60 percent in some tasks by driving fundamental changes in the way work gets done.”

“Appian’s platform powers digital transformation for many of the world’s leading brands. We’ve found integrating with Blue Prism a simple and effective way to extend the power of Appian,” said Michael Beckley, Appian’s CTO. “Many organizations today are held back in their transformation efforts because they have a portfolio of legacy applications. Appian and Blue Prism can help these organizations transform more rapidly while avoiding or minimizing legacy integration projects. This partnership builds on the history of integrated Appian and Blue Prism solutions in production at our clients today.”

“As the inventor and leader of RPA, Blue Prism knows that RPA is becoming pervasive across all enterprise architectures and platforms,” said Christopher Lynch, VP of Sales at Captricity. “Captricity’s partnership with Blue Prism enables our largest customers to automate their end-to-end workflows, without the need for complex integrations or large-scale IT projects. We are excited to work with Blue Prism as part of our ongoing strategy to build a valuable partner ecosystem for some of the biggest life insurers in the world.”

“Celaton’s machine learning capabilities combined with Blue Prism RPA enables organizations to achieve efficiencies that were previously out of reach,” said Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton. “All inbound information streams can be brought into automations regardless media channel, format or unstructured nature of the data.”

“Our joint customers are the most effective proof of the complementarity between Expert System’s Cognitive Technologies and Blue Prism’s automation platform,” said Marco Varone, Founder, CTO and President of Expert System. “Together we strive to make full automation a reality while maximizing the business value of RPA. We are excited to establish a solid partnership with Blue Prism with the intention of making AI a strategic factor for success in support of a wide range of organizations worldwide.”

“Our clients can now take RPA to the next level using Blue Prism. From planning and initial analysis, to identification of areas where RPA can help the most, to continuous testing and improvement in real-life scenarios, this program will bring powerful and quantifiable technology advantages to our customers,” said Jaroslav Zubak, CTO for “Minit is driving the digital transformation process by enabling customers to turn their data into actionable results backed by 100 percent accurate data. We’re proud to be a part of this automation transformation initiative.”

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