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Jun 11, 2020

Blue Prism Adds More Speed, Accuracy, Scale and Transparency of Decision-Making Capabilities to its Digital Workforce

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AgilePoint, Pintec and Rainbird Join Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange Community

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – June 11, 2020 — Continuing to augment and extend the capabilities of its Digital Workforce, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced access to the latest technologies from innovators like AgilePoint, Pintec and Rainbird. These companies provide low-code application development environments, embedded intelligence, data analysis, auditing, and database management capabilities to complement Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce.

These organizations have joined Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) as affiliate partners. Blue Prism’s enterprise customers can accelerate and scale automation projects by leveraging new skills, connectors, AI add-ins, and processes to AgilePoint, Pintec and Rainbird software offerings available via the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX), an intelligent automation “app store” and online community.

The Blue Prism DX works like an a la carte menu of intelligent automation capabilities. Every month new Blue Prism TAP affiliate partners add their assets to the Blue Prism DX. With just a few clicks, users can drag and drop these new capabilities into Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce—no coding required.. With just a few clicks, users can drag and drop these new capabilities into Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce—no coding required.

Below is a quick summary of what these new capabilities mean for users:

AgilePoint provides a low-code/rapid application development (RAD) platform for e-Forms, workflows, end-to-end, cross-functional processes. It allows citizen developers to quickly create e-forms, model workflows, compose process-based applications, create data entities and compose form/data-based applications. When combined with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA technology, enterprises will attain a higher level of efficiency than previously thought possible.

For example, a Fortune 50 global manufacturer incorporated Blue Prism into an AgilePoint business process for a design engineering team. The research, development and prototyping processes were then integrated with RPA to help automate the purchase order process including extracting relevant data from legacy finance systems for PO generation.

Rainbird helps enable companies fully automate commercial, transactional, and high-volume processes at scale. The combination of Rainbird and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce augments the human decision-making process by providing rationale for every recommendation, which in turn acts as an audit trail for any automated decisioning (use cases include fraud detection and investigation).

A Blue Prism Digital Worker can refer to Rainbird to solve a problem and then act on the answer provided, without needing to refer to a human worker. This can remove major bottlenecks within complex transactional processes which would previously require frequent and time-consuming human intervention.

“The powerful collaboration of Rainbird and Blue Prism, opens up new intelligent automation opportunities that neither standalone technology is able to fully enable, meaning great news for the clients of both organizations,” says Wayne Butterfield, Director of Cognitive Automation & Innovation at ISG. “Entire departments such as Fraud, will, through the decision-making capabilities of Rainbird, and the actioning capability of Blue Prism unlock significant efficiencies to be leveraged worldwide.”

Pintec helps organizations consolidate and manage multiple databases in a single data warehouse with Blue Prism automating the end-to-end processes, enabling organizations to perform analysis and reports with greatly enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Together, Pintec and Blue Prism can help increase data integrity across various databases while consolidating multiple data tables, speeding up process execution.

Joining the TAP is easier than ever with a new self-serve function on Blue Prism’s DX. To find out more please visit:

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