May 18, 2020

Blue Prism and MuleSoft Join Forces to Drive Intelligent Automation through API Integration

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LONDON, AUSTIN, TX – May 18, 2020 — To keep pace with increased competition, businesses today need smart technologies that make it easy to deliver seamless, connected experiences to customers, employees, and partners. While digital transformation is top of mind, many businesses still rely on legacy systems and proprietary applications to support mission critical processes, creating barriers to connectivity and decreased productivity.

Together Blue Prism and MuleSoft, the leading API integration platform have teamed up to make it simple for businesses to deliver innovation at scale by deploying enterprise grade intelligent automation in a faster, more controlled fashion. Using connectors to access Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce, MuleSoft can extend the reach of their application network to legacy systems and proprietary applications quickly and securely while being fully auditable and compliant.

MuleSoft’s API integration platform helps developers connect applications together quickly and easily, enabling them to exchange and unify data. However, when a target application lacks integration capabilities, or the target data needs to be generated through a series of transactions, RPA is crucial. Whether it’s invoicing, or handling insurance claims, or password reset or any other process, the joint solution removes barriers to digital transformation, making it faster and more efficient to automate mission-critical systems in a sustainable, scalable way.

Here are some key enterprise benefits of this partnership:

  • Connect to all enterprise systems, both with APIs and without APIs.
  • Create a unified view of your application network, including legacy systems, fully auditable & compliant.
  • Use pre-built MuleSoft connectors to automate quickly, securely and without delay.
  • Improve depth and breadth of automation initiatives to support broader digital transformation.

Blue Prism delivers a robust, secure, agile, and highly scalable digital workforce that follows rules-based business processes with built-in compliance capabilities and governance that when partnered with MuleSoft’s integration platform, organizations can connect to all enterprise systems, both with APIs and without APIs and improve depth and breadth of automation initiatives to support broader digital transformation.

Together, MuleSoft and Blue Prism drive true enterprise digital transformation that delivers on the promise of seamless, efficient, connected experiences through powerful automation for sustainable business value and undeniable ROI. To find out more click here.

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