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Mar 4, 2020

Blue Prism Collaborates with Red Hat to Drive Broader Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Adoption

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Lays Foundation for the Next Generation of Intelligent Automated Capabilities with Enterprise Users

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – March 4th, 2020 Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global pioneer and market leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced a collaboration with Red Hat designed to create and enable next-generation intelligent automation capabilities and solutions.

Using assets developed through this collaboration results in Red Hat Process Automation Manager, a platform for developing containerized microservices and applications, integrating with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce. This integration enables enterprise customers to create a more comprehensive automation strategy that can increase process efficiencies and improve ROI. The solution is now available on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX), the company’s online portal for accessing new and emerging technologies.

"Together, I believe we can help organizations improve operational agility and take advantage of new opportunities that quickly add to the bottom-line,” says Mike Piech, Vice President and General Manager, Middleware at Red Hat. "Through this collaboration, customers can automate more of their operations, save money, reduce errors and build out better services.”

Whether processing claims and filling orders, reducing inventory or on-boarding customers, this integration helps enable users to quickly build and deploy executable, automated processes, eliminating human tasks where able, to create intelligent process flows that are more efficient and easily scalable.

A Smarter Approach to Business Automation

The benefits of RPA to businesses are numerous, but a consistent automation approach that combines both Business Process Management (BPM) and RPA can be a challenge to newer adopters of the technology. Red Hat and Blue Prism are addressing this pain point by looking to automate enterprise processes end-to-end.

Leveraging Red Hat Process Manager with Blue Prism makes it easier to design, deploy, manage and track automated business processes. Organizations can not only author executable processes, but also interact with running instances, while monitoring real-time data to improve organisational efficiency. Businesses can define out-of-the-box tasks, including those that allow complex processes to integrate with external services.

How the Integration Works

There are two ways to utilize Red Hat Process Automation Manager with Blue Prism:

Digital Workers can execute, and complete tasks designed for human workers by having Red Hat Process Automation Manager create a Dynamic Task. The task can then be executed via a Digital Worker using the same web application as a human worker, including unique log in credentials.

Digital Workers can also automatically execute and complete tasks. This approach replaces the human task with a completely automated process. In this case, Red Hat Process Automation Manager provides the necessary data to the Digital Worker to trigger and execute a task.

In both scenarios, the integration asset returns the output of the automated task into the process flow in Red Hat Process Automation Manager, so that the overall process can proceed.

This Red Hat collaboration also follows the recent announcement of Blue Prism’s expanded technical partnership with IBM, which sees the integration of three core capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, which includes Workflow, Capture and Decisions, with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce.

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