Feb 19, 2019

Blue Prism Continues to Drive Collaboration and Innovation Through New Affiliate Technology Alliance Partnerships


Signavio and Xeelo join Blue Prism's Prestigious Technology Alliance Program Strengthening an Already Broad Array of Technology and Independent Software Vendors

LONDON, AUSTIN – February 19, 2019Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), announced the addition of Xeelo, the zero-code digital operations platform, and Signavio, a business process management company to its Technology Alliance Program (TAP) as affiliate level TAP partners, making the program one of the broadest and most innovative in the industry. These partners enable customers to leverage Blue Prism's connected-RPA platform to build out best-in-class solutions that incorporate cutting edge, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

“The power to intelligently automate lies in an organization’s ability to analyze, streamline and optimize the output of mission-critical workflows,” said Anne McClelland, Vice President, Global Technology Partners for Blue Prism. “The addition of both Xeelo and Signavio to our technology ecosystems will help deliver greater operational agility to our joint customers looking to access best-of-breed intelligent automation capabilities. They also exemplify the broader capabilities needed to help global enterprises remain competitive and thrive.”

The expansion of the Blue Prism TAP Affiliate Partner Ecosystem also coincides and supports the company's connected-RPA vision, which gives enterprises a game changing way of staying competitive and accelerating time to market for new services and products by easily accessing and exploiting leading-edge cloud, AI and cognitive capabilities. Both Xeelo and Signavio will expand market awareness of the benefits of connected-RPA by delivering digital enablement, and ultimately increasing sales of their own complementary products as part of Blue Prism’s ecosystem.


Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite offers solutions for modelling, analyzing and optimizing business processes, empowering organizations to make better decisions faster and assisting enterprises to scale the benefits of Blue Prism across the entire organization. This is achieved by helping business operations staff to more easily see new opportunities for automation by simulating the business impact and connecting human employees to digital workers all while monitoring success at scale. Blue Prism’s TAP partnership with Signavio links Signavio Business Transformation Suite to Blue Prism’s connected-RPA digital workforce, as part of organization-wide collaborative business process repositories.

“Our collaboration with Blue Prism allows organizations to leverage the benefits of RPA, with minimal effort and disruption to their business transformation initiatives”, said Signavio CEO Dr. Gero Decker. “This new partnership allows us to deliver on the significant opportunities that come with implementing enterprise-level RPA at scale; as well as address customer-centric services across key market verticals."


Xeelo’s technology allows anyone to easily build applications that execute digital journeys by providing the missing link to turn digital strategies operational. The integration of Xeelo’s DigitalOps solution with Blue Prism connected-RPA allows organizations to digitize end to end workflow without having to replace existing systems or lose legacy investments. As part of Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program partnership, the integration adds planning and sequencing to Blue Prism’s digital workforce – part of the six skills for intelligent automation. Now, organizations can optimally plan workflow and workload execution to cover any process, end-to-end, delivering the best outcomes with minimal human intervention.

"With our strong focus on zero-code digital transformations, Blue Prism was natural choice when searching for a way to enhance the digital journey experience for clients. The ease of use of both solutions means that customers can now easily build complete end to end digital processes," said Martin Jaros, CEO of Xeelo. "Zero-code digital platforms are the future, clients need to be able to rapidly adjust their processes to meet a changing environment, while combining and controlling data and documents from various systems. With data privacy becoming a key focus of late, having a holistic approach to digitalization is prerequisite for successful digital transformations."

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