Jan 31, 2019

Blue Prism Enables Faster and Easier Innovation with New Platform Features, Extensions and Digital Exchange Enhancements

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Digital Exchange 2.0 Connects Customers to an Ecosystem of Powerful Technologies While Blue Prism v6.5 Supports Scalability with Simplicity

Austin, Texas, and London — January 24, 2019 — Looking to build on momentum from customer adoption and extend its leadership position in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced the availability of Digital Exchange (DX) 2.0 and v6.5. The new capabilities and features on Blue Prism DX 2.0 make it the most robust and user-friendly RPA marketplace in the industry, while the latest version of Blue Prism’s platform, v6.5, aims to simplify scaling of automation projects.

Since launching its intelligent automation marketplace last November, Blue Prism has seen a 500 percent increase in registered companies which includes customers, technology and channel partners. Blue Prism’s DX now has over 300 registered companies and 1,000 registered users making it a leading online RPA community and partner ecosystem that provides business leaders drag and drop access to intelligent automation (AI), machine learning, cognitive and disruptive technologies from companies they know and trust—like Appian, ABBYY, Google, IBM and more.

The DX, a key piece of the connected-RPA vision unveiled today, delivers on the promise of business-led automation by empowering the operation with easy access to AI and cognitive technologies to deliver business outcomes. Through Blue Prism’s DX a company’s digital-savvy employees—the makers—have the power to create and innovate through business-led automation in an IT endorsed and controlled environment.

“Most companies know the value in intelligent automation, but few know where to start,” said Dave Moss, CTO and co-founder at Blue Prism. “Smart companies aren’t just thinking about the possibilities—they’re acting on them. Our new DX 2.0 highlights a path forward by laying the foundation for operational agility and intelligent automation with access to a digital workforce that’s intelligent, connected and easy to control.”

New Blue Prism Product Features and Capabilities

Latest Blue Prism DX 2.0 features include:

Available immediately

  • Social Features Including Ratings and Comments: The ability for users to rate and comment on specific assets that are available on the DX. This functionality encourages users to share their feelings about various technologies and solutions and provides direct, almost instant feedback to technology providers.
  • Automated Utility to Convert a WebAPI into a Skill: Making the consumption of AI-powered solutions fast and easy and bringing emerging tech to life is the goal of the DX. To that end, DX 2.0 allows partners and customers to upload files to create specific intelligent automation skills, replacing a currently manual process. During the creation of an asset, users will be able to upload a file package that will converted to a skill by Blue Prism technology within the DX.

Available in next 90 days

  • eCommerce/Vending Machine Capability: The DX 2.0 will enable the capability to buy and sell solutions and services on the Digital Exchange making it a true eCommerce site. Technology partners, developers and anyone who has a best of breed AI or cognitive solution can join the Blue Prism DX community to market and sell on it.
  • Blue Prism Software Accessibility: By way of the eCommerce capability, Blue Prism plans to open-up access to the company’s leading RPA software making it easy for people to get started, learn more and explore what’s possible with an intelligent digital workforce. This access will be made available through DX and supports the company’s academia program launched last April, which encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.

The latest version of Blue Prism’s RPA platform v6.5, will also be shipping in the next 90 days, expands on the pillars of scalability and security and protects enterprises from technology obsolescence with features including:

  • Full Japanese and Simplified Chinese Language Support: Through a simple drop-down box a customer can select their preferred language on the Blue Prism platform. Blue Prism now support full Japanese and Chinese language capabilities.
  • IPv6 Support: Allows customers to use Blue Prism in either an IPv4 or IPv6 environment (or a combination of the two) for communications between devices. It enables users to plan, test and take to actions to start their transition to using IPv6.
  • Data Gateways: This new mechanism makes it easier to manage data, and centrally configurable data without requiring users to install configuration files on every resource.

To find out more attend Blue Prism World, where you’ll learn about the company’s vision, upcoming product enhancements, and hear from customers that have transformed their organizations into connected entrepreneur enterprises with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA. The Blue Prism World events represent the largest RPA forum on the planet offering up unprecedented networking opportunities for attendees.

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