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Jan 31, 2019

Blue Prism Expands R&D Capabilities Adding Dedicated AI Labs and Outlines Roadmap for Embedded AI Capabilities

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Blue Prism’s New Research Labs Helps Deliver Smarter Automations, Faster Via a Single, Comprehensive AI-Powered Platform

Austin, Texas, and London January 24, 2019 Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today took another step in showcasing its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market leadership and clear product differentiation by announcing the availability of its dedicated AI Research Labs headquartered in London, while also outlining its embedded AI roadmap strategy. Powering Blue Prism’s connected-RPA vision, Prism Labs brings together PhD level research scientists and engineers across multiple AI fields, a world-class brain trust on the future of work, who will inform and spearhead developments on the company’s embedded AI capabilities.

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA vision aims to unleash the creativity and innovation of an organization’s digital savvy employees, “the makers”, by giving them the power to invent, innovate and develop new disruptive services via the company’s advanced digital workforce. Blue Prism’s AI Research Labs and embedded AI roadmap will enable this vision, by increasing the capabilities of the Blue Prism Digital Workforce and delivering a single platform that streamlines the intelligent automation process and eliminates the need to buy, integrate and deploy multiple solutions for one business process.

The Driving Force Behind Blue Prism’s Connected-RPA Vision

Blue Prism’s embedded AI strategy will focus on helping businesses automate more and build smarter processes faster with one complete, AI-powered platform. Key features and capabilities include:

  • Understanding Data in Any Form – Building machine learning into the fabric of our product, enabling us to automate more by ingesting structured and unstructured data through advanced document processing and understanding modules.
  • Simplified Automation Design – Creating a more natural way of interacting with the operating environment - by leveraging the latest advances in computer vision and reinforcement learning - leading to a simplified approach to building robust Blue Prism automations.
  • Human Assisted Automations – Continuing to blur the lines between our human and digital workforces, enabling each to collaborate, learn and adapt.

“Many forms of what we now consider to be Artificial Intelligence will become commoditized over the next few years,” said Colin Redbond, Head of Technology at Blue Prism. “Our connected-RPA platform and partnership strategy already enables our customers to leverage best of breed AI from our partners, such as Google, Microsoft and IBM. However, our customers want to automate much more within our platform. This isn’t about ticking AI boxes in our product—we’re hiring the best talent to ensure that our AI research labs will focus on solving the problems that remain unsolved and very relevant to our customers and product strategy.”

Blue Prism Labs: Empowering Your Makers

Extending the company’s capabilities in RPA R&D, the Blue Prism Labs is where research into AI takes place – focusing on addressing real customer pain points and advancing the vision for a connected entrepreneur enterprise. This dedicated team will map out and help integrate new AI technologies into Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform as they develop and mature in adoption. Blue Prism Labs will also extend the direct collaborations with Academia, as part of our Global Academia Program.

“Our mission is to transform how people solve their problems in an entrepreneurial way - allowing anyone to automate complex tasks and processes by creating intelligent, adaptable digital workers that can learn from their human colleagues”, said Jacques Cali, Director of Research at Blue Prism. “By bringing in some of the best talent in areas ranging from computer vision, natural language processing and reinforcement learning we are working together with our academic partners to transform this space and have a meaningful impact on our society.”

To find out more attend Blue Prism World, where you’ll learn about the company’s vision, upcoming product enhancements, and hear from customers that have transformed their organizations into connected entrepreneur enterprises with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA. The Blue Prism World events represent the largest RPA forum on the planet offering up unprecedented networking opportunities for attendees.

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